Toyota Announces Tiny Single-Seat Electric Car For Short Trips

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

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Toyota Coms (Provided by Toyota Auto Body Co.)

Toyota Coms (Provided by Toyota Auto Body Co.)

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Historically, automakers haven’t been lustful of little electric cars able of carrying one or dual people. 

Lately, everybody from General Motors to Renault has shown seductiveness in low-speed city runabouts, heading some to even pierce doorless, electric runabouts to market.

Unlike many automakers, Toyota has been creation low-speed single-seat vehicles for mobility and industrial use for years by a auxiliary Toyota Auto Body Co.

Now it has denounced a latest model, a 2012 Coms. 

With a tip speed of 60 kph (37 mph), a Coms isn’t designed for highway use. Instead, a little distance enables it to pierce in and out of walking areas and even into buildings, creation it ideal for seniors with singular mobility. 

With a full charge, a Coms can transport adult to 31 miles on only 80 yen (98 cents) of electricity.

More importantly, distinct a prior era Coms that took between 8 and 13 hours to charge, a newer chronicle charges in about a same time as an iPad. That’s about dual hours. 

Its discerning recharge time, little measure and elementary controls is also approaching to make a Coms a renouned choice for vast factories, where bureau workers have to travel prolonged distances between areas.

We adore a Com’s styling, and consider it is significantly improved designed than many mobility scooters or community electric vehicles.



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