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A Miss Thailand World contestant sustained minor injuries after she was scratched by a white tiger cub at the Night Safari in Chiang Mai on the second day of the Miss Thailand World contestant orientation camp in the popular northern tourist destination.

On the second day the orientation camp, thirty Miss Thailand World contestants visited various attractions in Chiang Mai Province. In white t-shirts, jeans and high-heels the 30 beautiful ladies visited the Chiang Mai Night Safari on Sunday. The contestants participated in the Day Safari tour and had the chance to pet and, even hold, some of the animals at the safari including snakes and a white tiger cub.

The contestants thoroughly enjoyed their visit at the zoo until a commotion broke out when contestant number 25, Hansa Dejtanapaisarn, was scratched by the white tiger cub. Initially, reports indicated that she was bitten by the 1-month old tiger cub.

However, a Chiang Mai Night Safari official had come out to explain that the cub merely scratched Ms. Hansa’s upper left arm when he thought he was going to fall from her arms. She sustained some scratches and small bruises on her upper left arm.

The zoo official said the contestants were all briefed on how to handle the animals before they were allowed to handle them. He explained that the cub panicked when Ms.Hansa nearly dropped him as she was passing him to her fellow contestant.

Earlier that morning, the contestants showed off their sexy swimsuits to the army of reporters at the Kantary Hills Hotel. The photo shoot attracted a lot of attention from both Thai and foreign tourists alike. Some of the contestants admitted they were uncomfortable posing in 2-piece bikinis in public in front of the cameras.

A representative of the pageant said the fashion show was merely a teaser to the main event when the contestants will be walking on the stage in ultra sexy swimsuits that are imported directly from France. He dismissed the criticism that the Miss Thailand World pageant is inappropriately promoting the sexy aspect of the contest.

Contestant number 12, 17-year old Thai-German Arthitiya or Auley, said she’s extremely nervous posing in a 2-piece swimsuit in front of so many cameras. She’s the youngest contestant to join the Miss Thailand World contest at the age of 17 years and 1 month old. She said she’s using several techniques, given to her by her fellow contestants, to look her best in the bikinis.

23 year-old contestant number 17, Prangthip Pantaraksakul, also said the cameras made her uncomfortable. Prangthip said she does a lot of sit-ups to make sure she looks her best in the swimsuit and uses a special technique to hide some of the less outstanding parts of her physique.

Contestant number 6, Praew Kaewthip, said she’s very nervous. She revealed she’d focus on something in the distance to forget about the cameras.

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