Echo Mountain: A Huffington Post Travel Ski Resort Guide

Echo Mountain in Colorado is a renouned end for skiers and snowboarders. As partial of a array on ski resorts, Huffington Post Travel offers a beam to Echo Mountain, featuring all a pivotal information sleet lovers need to know before they strike a slopes.

The Basics

Located only 35 miles west of Denver, Echo Mountain is simply permitted from a metro area and from a western towns of Evergreen and Idaho Springs. Visitors can strech Echo Mountain by automobile or train with a brief expostulate from a city or from Denver International Airport. Easy accessibility from a metro area and low sheet prices are dual of a vital draws, by far.

The Mountain

Echo Mountain is 10,500 feet tall and boasts a 660-foot straight drop. The ski deteriorate starts in early Dec and lasts by early May. Echo Mountain receives an normal of 220 inches of sleet annually. With a volume of snow, skiers and snowboarders can count on glorious conditions during any time during a week.

Trails And Lifts

Echo Mountain has 16 trails, with dual of a trails deemed easy, dual deemed a many formidable and a residue descending somewhere in between. The Milk Run Special, a fixed-grip triple lift, takes skiers to a tip of any route they choose. Snowboarders competence be challenged in a terrain park, with countless jibs and jumps for any ability. As a deteriorate progresses, staff mostly supplement some-more facilities to a park. Guests competence also suffer Echo After Dark, when skiers suffer a aflame route between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. on many days of a week.

In The News

Echo Mountain hosts a operation of open competitions and events, only as other ski resorts are shutting for a season. The Under a Lights Race League binds races any Monday evening. Registration costs $40, or $20 with an Echo Season Pass. Boarders can take partial in Sims Pro Series Snowboard Camp in late March, with dual days of clinics, demonstrations and classes from approved snowboard instructors. Skiers and boarders comparison can tighten a deteriorate with Last Park Standing or May Meltdown, any braggadocio activities, contests and prizes.


A singular day early deteriorate adult lift ticket costs $35, and a singular day unchanging deteriorate pass is labelled during $49. Special pricing is offering to children underneath age 5, students, seniors and members of a military. Adult ski and snowboard rentals run between $18 and $36, including apparatus from Burton, Blizzard and Technica. Season passes and lessons are also offering to Echo Mountain guests.


Following a day of skiing or snowboarding, guest competence suffer a cafe and bar during Echo Mountain. The Monday special is half off all beers, and on Wednesdays guest can sequence a Peppermint Schnapps and prohibited chocolate “core warmer” for only $3. Echo Mountain guest can stay during a Miner’s Pick Bed and Breakfast or The Hooper Homestead Guest Quarters and Spa, that hosts a prohibited cylinder and sauna services. Nearby Idaho Springs also boasts countless shops and restaurants.

WATCH: Echo Mountain

Get a glance of what draws guest to Echo Mountain.

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