Cars Of The Future You Can Drive Today

With each automobile uncover comes droves of new cars: Some are neat new spins on normal models, others showcase a few cutting-edge features, and — each now and then– a few blow past gathering and offer a demeanour into a destiny of travel.

Take, for instance, a Terrafugia Transition, a drifting automobile that incited heads with a entrance at a New York International Auto Show on Apr 5. Prior to a unveiling, a antecedent of a automobile finished a initial successful moody during Plattsburgh International Airport on Mar 23, proof usually how tighten we are to assembly a cold automobile like a Transition on a highway (or in a sky).

Meanwhile, Google has been secretly contrast a “self-driving” Toyota Prius. While Google has offering usually a few glimpses during a unconstrained vehicle, a tech universe is abuzz after saying what it can do but a assistance of a driver.

To see what else a tech universe and a automobile attention are cooking up, take a demeanour during a slideshow of extraordinary cars of a destiny that we can expostulate today. (These aren’t usually judgment designs; they’ve all been on a road, and several are already for sale.)

What kind of technologies do we wish cars will get in a years to come? Have we seen or driven any unconventional vehicles you’d like to share with us? Let us know in a comments (and embody a link), twitter during us (@huffposttech) or email us ( You can also supplement your favorite high-tech cars to a slideshow around a appearance button.


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