Ask Peter: Civil War Travel, Car Rentals Abroad & More

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This week Peter offers recommendation on Civil War sites, ethanol on cruises, unfamiliar automobile let insurance, and organisation transport to Ireland.

Jan from Duluth, Minnesota asks: My father is a fight clean and is looking brazen to a Civil War events function this year.  He’s not meddlesome in reenactments though wants to learn some-more about a war.  What do we suggest we do?

Peter replied: You’ve got 3 states that are good for Civil War travel: Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio.  Pennsylvania is a good finish no matter when we revisit since they have a ancestral battlefields, a central stops along a Underground Railroad, a Civil War trail, a National Civil War Museum, and of march a Gettysburg National Military Park that is a must-see.

In Maryland, there’s a lot of Civil War trails, that follow a routes taken by a Union and Confederate soldiers during that same Gettysburg debate and we can indeed expostulate it in a integrate of days along with walking tours.  Check out Civil War Traveler’s website.

Most people don’t associate Ohio with a Civil War, though trust it or not 300,000 people from Ohio participated in a Civil War and there are over 250 monuments dedicated to a fight in that state alone.  There are copiousness of sites to explore.  we know you’re not meddlesome in reenactments, though there will be a lot of them.  Check out, that will assistance we in reckoning out what we do and don’t wish to do there.

For some-more information on Civil War Travel, check out David Latt’s tour by Loudon County, Virginia.


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