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Travel Q&A: Taking a Danube cruise; selecting an Alaska itinerary

Travel consultant Jane Wooldridge answers a potpourri of reader transport questions from stream cruises, Amtrak, Alaska cruises and more.

Q: My mother and we wish to take a journey on a Danube. We wish a vessel that is honestly upscale. What do we recommend?


A: Uniworld ( is deliberate a Chateau-and-Relais homogeneous of stream cruising. Since we haven’t sailed with them myself, we consulted Carolyn Spencer Brown, executive editor during, who also endorsed trips organised by Tauck Tours (, that she described as “Ritz Carlton-style.” She and we have both listened good reports on Scenic Tours (, that offers itineraries in France, Germany and Russia.

If we aren’t set on a Danube, we competence journey a oppulance boat journey in France. A few years ago we sailed with French Country Waterways (, that offers wine-and-cuisine oriented trips by Burgundy, Champagne, a Loire and Alsace-Lorraine. The outing enclosed guided visits to ancestral towns and castles, stops during tiny wineries and cooking during a Michelin-starred restaurant. we rarely advise a knowledge — though note that by a time we come home, you’ll substantially need incomparable trousers.


Q: I’m holding a sight to Tampa. we arrive on a Sunday afternoon, and there’s no automobile let bureau during a sight station. Is there a automobile let association that will come collect me up?

— M.A.

A: On another day of a week, yes. But dual circuitously offices that offer pick-up use — Enterprise, (813) 254-4221; and Hertz, (813) 226-4205 — are sealed during a time we arrive. Your best gamble is to take a cab to your hotel. Alternatively, we competence wish to change your skeleton and fly.


Q: My partner and we wish to go to Alaska in a summer. We’re both into a view and inlet some-more than a cities. We found a 10-day outing on a website where we transport with other people though are on your possess for many a day. The outing in doubt has us alighting in Fairbanks, holding a sight to Denali inhabitant park, where we spend a day; holding a train to a seashore and afterwards boarding a Holland America boat for thoroughfare opposite Prince William Sound, a Gulf of Alaska and afterwards several days in a Inland Passage. Is there is anything we should watch out for, or any choice we competence suggest? We looked during a choice of a smaller qualification — what they call a safari debate — though we both felt that was too expensive.


A: The channel you’re articulate about is a good one. Most journey lines offer Alaska land-sea furloughed options, so if this one doesn’t suit, we can find alternatives around; and, among others.

If you’re going to offshoot adult with a journey on one end, a debate is mostly a many reasonable approach to go. Renting a automobile in Alaska is expensive, and renting one-way is officious mind-boggling, generally if we keep a automobile for several days. (We used one automobile to expostulate from Seward to Anchorage, afterwards forsaken it off and picked adult a second automobile that we returned a week after to Anchorage — about half a cost of gripping a strange automobile for a whole 10-day trip.)

Since you’re many meddlesome in nature, we might wish to journey spending some-more time in Denali National Park. Regardless of how prolonged we stay there, you’ll wish to debate a park by convey train — not by a debate bus. (Shuttle buses aren’t as posh as a debate buses, though they concede we to get off during one stop, transport to a next, and afterwards get behind on another shuttle. You’ll still stop for wildlife observation and lavatory breaks. Make reservations so you’re certain to get a seat;

Another seagoing choice is a Alaska State Ferry System ( The ferries don’t have a same amenities and amenities as journey ships, and they aren’t always cheaper, either, given cabin and food are extra. But we do have some-more control over your channel and can stay mixed days in a places you’d like to see most.

If we do select a compulsory journey ship, ask about naturalist programs. When we sailed, we found a lectures fascinating — though too few. We could have selected a boat that enclosed some-more visit lectures had we known.

Regardless of how we travel, devise to flare out for a glacier transport on a Juneau Icefield. A helicopter is compulsory to get there, that means a outing won’t be inexpensive — a going rate for a cruise-booked glacier outing is $300-plus — though it will expected be a prominence of your vacation.


Follow up: Last month we answered a doubt about finds along a I-95 mezzanine for a traveler who creates an annual New York-to-Miami pushing trip. E.M. wrote in with a recommendation for Captain Stan’s Smokehouse in Woodbine, Ga.

“Not distant from 95 and a genuine dive, with good barbecue… and we hear dancing is fun there on Friday nights. Owner a hoot.. from Ft. Lauderale with lots of tales.” TripAdvisor, Yelp and Urban Spoon all give it high marks. I-95 Exit 14, about 45 mins north of Jacksonville, Fla. 912-729-9552.


Jane Wooldridge is a Miami Herald’s business editor and a leader of a prestigeous Lowell Thomas Travel Journalist of a Year award. She formerly served as The Herald’s transport editor and continues to write transport stories for inhabitant publications including Travel + Leisure magazine, where she is a unchanging contributor. Send questions to

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Why a Car Hire Holiday in a USA is a Only Way to Travel

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Enjoy a automobile sinecure holiday along a East Coast and we can select from
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SOURCE: Auto Europe

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Ford personality says devise now for destiny trade jams

Right now, there are 1.2 billion cars and trucks on a world’s roads, and another 144 million will be combined in only 4 years, according consulting organisation LMC Automotive in Troy, Mich. In China alone, annual automobile sales will arise by some-more than 10 million — to roughly 30 million — between now and 2016. In India, LMC says sales will scarcely double in 4 years to over 6 million.

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Daytona 500 check could impact transport to Phoenix

Postponing a Daytona 500 done clarity since of a weather, though it could means some additional headaches this week for a teams. The foe is scheduled to start during noon on Monday, though a foresee calls for 80 percent possibility of rain.

If a foe has to be behind again, it could impact transport to subsequent week’s Subway Fresh Fit 500 during Phoenix International Raceway. Teams would have to transport behind to their garages to reload other cars before stability to Phoenix.

Several drivers pronounced a engines and cars are prepared for Phoenix though are watchful for a trucks to be exchanged.

“More than anything, we consider it’s going to be a pain in a boundary for a guys pushing a haulers that have to get there, unpack it, and bucket a other automobile and leave,” pronounced A.J. Allmendinger. “So it’ll be a small bit tough for those guys though for me, no large deal.”

While sleet is likely here again Monday, it could transparent adult by a afternoon or evening. Daytona International Speedway’s lights safeguard that NASCAR will try to run a foe if during all probable on Monday.

“The thing is that (Monday) doesn’t demeanour any better,” pronounced Jason Ratcliff, organisation arch for Joey Logano’s No. 20 car. “Hopefully, it will spin into a night race. we like night races.”

Rachel George

Racing aspect changed

With Sunday’s sleet and some-more approaching Monday, some drivers and crews trust a lane aspect will roughly positively be opposite from what they saw progressing in a week.

“It could change dramatically until we get some rubber behind on a track,” pronounced Jason Ratcliff, Joey Lagano’s organisation chief, referring to complicated sleet soaking a lot of a oil and rubber from a track.

Ratcliff pronounced colder temperatures – continue is approaching to be in a 60s for partial of Monday – could also have an effect. Both factors can make a lane aspect some-more abrasive.

“I feel like when it was prohibited out, it indeed slickened adult a small bit,” A.J. Allmendinger said.

Other drivers aren’t as concerned.

“It’s not a large doing foe track, so it shouldn’t change much,” Joey Logano said.

Drivers and crews design NASCAR to exercise a foe counsel within a initial 30 laps or so. Crews aren’t authorised to hold a cars before a race.

“We’ll get to demeanour during a tires,” Carl Edwards said. “Hopefully there won’t be any trouble.”

–Brentley Romine

Rare disruption

This is a initial Daytona 500 postponement, nonetheless there have been 8 other disruptions since of rain. The many new was in 2009, when a foe was stopped after 380 miles.

The initial intrusion came in 1963 when a initial 10 laps of a foe were run underneath yellow.

–Todd M. Adams

Wrestling futures?

WWE wrestler John Cena, who was ostensible to be a race’s titular starter on Sunday, has a lot of honour for NASCAR drivers – and a integrate drivers in particular.

“Carl Edwards would be a WWE champion,” Cena said. “I saw him come in cold, take a steering circle off a batch car, get out of a thing, stand adult to a tip turnbuckle and do his signature behind flip and land it like an Olympic gymnast in a center of a ring.”

Cena and Edwards became friends recently during a graduation for Gillette.

Edwards is not a usually NASCAR motorist Cena thinks could attain in his competition – during slightest partially.

“I do like Tony Stewart’s ability to speak trash,” Cena said.

–Todd M. Adams

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