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A date with a hot geyser: Following in James Bond’s footsteps on an Icelandic adventure

Clare Rand

Last updated at 5:09 PM on 26th February 2012

Just call me Bond, James Bond,’ said our driver, and we all uttered a sigh of relief. My mother and I and a handful of American ladies were sitting in a super jeep in Reykjavik about to go off-roading. James Bond was our driver, whose real name we just couldn’t pronounce.

We were heading to the Langjokull glacier, determined to see Iceland’s landscape of fire and ice, water and steam. It is a truly amazing land still in its infancy. Evidence of this was in great abundance more than a year after the eruption of the infamous Eyjafjallajokull volcano had grounded airlines.

Out of the blue: Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon is a bizarre frozen landscape

Earlier on our visit, near the Skaftafelljokull Glacier in Skaftafell National Park, we stopped to look at what appeared to be a modern sculpture but was, in fact, one of the many bridges that the volcano destroyed, leaving a twisted chunk of rusting steel.

Out in our super jeep, the weather wasn’t being too kind. We had been lucky all week, even at the end of September, with blue skies, but now it was getting a bit wild. We bumped along rocky tracks on tyres deflated to cope, and as the wind picked up, ‘Bond’ told us that sometimes, due to the force of the gale, waterfalls actually flow upwards.

As we approached the glacier, all visibility vanished. Thanks to the wind, our drive over the ice became a skating adventure. At one point we slid sideways back down the glacier for about 100ft. Bond thought it best not to try for the summit, not that we knew where it was, so he stopped the jeep and asked if any of us were game to go outside.

The famous Strokkur geyser erupts

What a blast: The famous Strokkur geyser erupts

Clare Rand is pictured at the Jokulsarlon lagoon

Icy temperatures: Clare braves the elements

Well, I hadn’t come all this way to sit there, so mum and I donned our waterproofs and hats and clambered out onto the glacier. The wind nearly ripped us from the earth. It was bleak and wild but exhilarating. We clung on to the jeep and slid around to the back on what was now sheet ice and tried to take a picture for posterity.

On the way back I spotted ptarmigans crouching behind tufts of grass trying to get out of the wind. Another highlight of our stay was an excursion to Strokkur geyser, where we had to time our cameras to perfection to catch the huge eruption of boiling hot water as it shot up into the air. The trick was to watch the pool around it getting shallower just before the eruption. Iceland doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you fancy reasonably priced fish and chips, Reykjavík offered the best we’d ever tasted at Icelandic Fish And Chips organic bistro, an unassuming corrugated building where I ate wolf fish, an ugly thing with fearsome teeth, and my mum had cod. It was so good we went back a second night.

Of course, you can’t come to Iceland and
not take in its Viking history. At the waterfront in Reykjavik is the
haunting sculpture of a longship. It is called Solfar, or Sun Voyager,
and as the sun sets through it you can almost imagine the ghosts of
Vikings around you.

Haunting: At the waterfront in Reykjavik is the sculpture of a longship called Solfar, or Sun Voyager

The two hotels we stayed at, Hotel Plaza in Reykjavik and Hotel Hofdabrekka near Vik on the south-east coast, both use water from the geothermal springs underground. So don’t wear jewellery in the shower – the sulphuric water will turn all metals black. And the smell is very ripe. If you don’t like egg sandwiches, you’ll know what I mean.

Reykjavik is a compact city, easily walkable and with interesting cultural museums, quaint multi-coloured corrugated houses and lovely shops. A lot of the leather goods are made from fish skin and their belts are beautiful. And 007 really has been to Iceland. Die Another Day was filmed here. The scene where Bond drives his Aston Martin across the ice was shot on the Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon, a bizarre frozen landscape set among the most amazing blue water.

Our trip around this lagoon was aboard ‘ducks’ – amphibious landing craft that were used in the Vietnam War. It was eerily peaceful as we floated among huge chunks of ice from the Vatnajökull glacier. Apparently during filming of Die Another Day, the trailer holding the spare Aston Martin and Jaguar car chassis was wrecked in a storm. Having been able to stand, just about, in a full-on Icelandic wind, I know how strong it can be. Hopefully 007 was shaken, but not stirred.

Getting there

Escorted touring specialist Collette Worldwide Holidays (0800 804 8701, offers a nine-day Wonders Of Iceland escorted tour from £1,849pp. It includes 12 meals, flights, transfers, the services of a tour leader and door-to-door pick up within 100 miles of the UK airport. Clare ate at Icelandic Fish Chips, Tryggvagata 8, 101 Reykjavik (00 354 511 1118,

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Access to a Car Pool Lane Can Be Yours, for a Price

THE businessman during a front of a early boarding line for your final cross-country moody might have gotten there but fast 100,000 miles sardined into Row 34. Quite possibly, his absolved frequent-flier standing was a credit label perk — or even bought outright.

Lately, that judgment of putting a cost on preference has been blending as a approach to conduct trade congestion. Going over a existent indication of rewarding commuters who fill a dull seats in their cars, these programs offer entrance to lanes once indifferent for high-occupancy vehicles.

In short, a H.O.V. line is creation approach for a High Occupancy Toll lane.

Since October, a module combined to urge trade upsurge in restricted-use lanes around Atlanta has done it probable for unique motorists to buy their approach into a demonstrate lane; automobile pools of 3 or more, authorised alternative-fuel vehicles, motorcycles and an stretched swift of buses can still bestir in free. Payment is done regulating an electronic transponder, and underneath what a Georgia Transportation Department calls value pricing, tolls boost as trade in a limited line builds. The rate can change from 1 cent to 90 cents a mile.

The thought of a program, logically, is to keep trade in a limited line relocating during a arguable pace. Still, it did not have a dictated outcome of improving commutes along a 15.5-mile widen of Interstate 85 in Gwinnett and DeKalb Counties — during least, not during first.

“Before this was put in, we didn’t have daily gridlock,” pronounced Howard Rodgers, who commutes from his Lawrenceville home, in Gwinnett County.

He has found copiousness of support for his view. Within a month of a HOT lane’s opening, Mr. Rodgers and a bloc of internal groups had collected thousands of signatures on a petition pursuit on state and county authorities to stop or postpone a module immediately.

The source of his displeasure: “The time it takes me to get home, and a time divided from my family,” Mr. Rodgers pronounced in a write interview. Driving in a giveaway lanes, he said, a 45-mile outing home from work during rush hour had doubled to a 90-minute or even two-hour grub given a conversion. He credits a petition expostulate for a state’s preference to check a second lane-access project.

The reorganization of who gets to use demonstrate lanes, and during what price, extends over Atlanta. California air-quality regulators finished single-occupant H.O.V. privileges for many forms of variety final summer, reworking a list of authorised vehicles to bar older, required variety like a Toyota Prius in preference of plug-in variety and battery-electric cars. Likewise, a manners determining line entrance for variety in Virginia will change in July.

Like Atlanta, that cumulative a $110 million Transportation Department extend in 2008 for overload rebate projects, cities including Dallas, Denver, Houston and Los Angeles have finished or are now converting automobile pool lanes to high-occupancy fee lanes with sovereign support. In December, Virginia cumulative a $20 million sovereign extend for a HOT line plan in a works for Interstate 95. The project, with a projected cost of some-more than $940 million, will bond with HOT lanes already underneath construction on a Capital Beltway.

Nicknamed Lexus lanes in a 1990s by critics who forked out that many drivers would not be means to means a privilege, HOT lanes are frequency introduced but some opposition. The discuss over how to unclog American highways pits free-market fixes — pricing schemes formed on transport final during specific times of day — opposite supervision incentives that shorten roadways as a carrot for fascinating behaviors like car-pooling or pushing a reduction polluting car.

On Interstate 85 in Atlanta, motorists left a new fee line substantially empty for a initial few days. Gov. Nathan Deal shortly stepped in, slicing a limit assign for roving a full length of a mezzanine during rise transport times to $3.05, from $5.50, after reduction than a week of operation. And he asked sovereign authorities to concede two-person automobile pools to expostulate giveaway in a fee lane. The Federal Highway Administration motionless to say a three-person automobile pool requirement for HOT line funds, however, essay in Nov that it was still too early to weigh a program’s effectiveness.

The aged complement was distant from ideal. According to a Georgia Department of Transportation, morning transport speeds in a two-person automobile pool line appearance during 36 miles an hour in 2005-6. In 2009, a line picked adult to 45 m.p.h. during a tallness of a morning commute. But a state attributed a boost to short-term gas shortages, gas cost spikes, a negligence economy and highway improvements, and disturbed that by 2015 a H.O.V. line transport speeds would normal usually 26 m.p.h.

Indeed, cities including Seattle and Minneapolis have used HOT lanes to say normal speeds ceiling of 50 m.p.h. in a fee line some-more than 95 percent of a time. Even in Atlanta, where a module has met outspoken opposition, a line was used for about 7,300 trips any weekday in a initial month, officials reported. By Jan that had grown to some-more than 11,600 trips per weekday.

In a initial full work week of December, normal speeds during a morning rise ranged from 39 to 63 m.p.h., compared with 30 to 57 m.p.h. in a ubiquitous lanes. Toll rates reached no some-more than $3.75, and a daily outing averages for a month were $1.16.

Of course, commuters could have all of those advantages — pushing in a demonstrate line but profitable tolls — if they trafficked in automobile pools.

Eliminating a cherished payoff for variety might have had some unintended effect in a transition duration while plug-in models sojourn comparatively scarce. Researchers with a Institute of Transportation Studies during a University of California, Berkeley found that banning solo hybrid drivers from a automobile pool line seemed to delayed trade opposite all lanes. Possibly since drivers feel worried blazing past stopped trade during 70 m.p.h., and substantially since cars switching out of a automobile pool line contingency decelerate more, a researchers suggest, incomparable overload in adjacent lanes slows transport speeds in a automobile pool lane.

According to Ellen Hanak, a comparison process associate with a inactive Public Policy Institute of California, paid demonstrate lanes can do a lot some-more for changing function and shortening overload than giveaway automobile pool lanes.

“The inlet of how land use and residential growth and pursuit growth has occurred, we have some-more and some-more situations where automobile pools are only not available for people,” she pronounced in an talk during a organization’s San Francisco headquarters.

Federal census information expelled final tumble showed that in 2009 only 10 percent of United States workers took automobile pools to work; 76 percent of American workers expostulate to work alone. For suburban residents travelling to jobs in a city, solo pushing is even some-more common, during 82 percent.

Despite abounding grass-roots ride-sharing skeleton like a “casual automobile pool” opposite a San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, a lot of H.O.V. lanes have been underused, Ms. Hanak said. “The thought with HOT lanes was ‘O.K., let’s use a ability improved and put a cost on a accessibility of a faster lane.’ ”

Although a aged notice of HOT lanes as a payoff for a abounding persists, Ms. Hanak said, “Anybody who’s a motorist can during certain times find it unequivocally profitable to get somewhere faster. Time can be income for everybody.”

Not surprisingly, many businesses and researchers see record as partial of a solution. For example, I.B.M., a California Transportation Department and a Center for Innovative Transportation during a University of California, Berkeley have assimilated in a investigate beginning dictated to pierce some-more real-time information into trade management.

Ms. Hanak pronounced she believed record could play an even incomparable purpose in smoothing a upsurge of highway traffic.

“Technology has developed to a indicate where it’s probable to pierce toward a complement where we’re charged in ubiquitous for highway use a approach people are charged on these demonstrate lanes,” she said.

For any solution, a ultimate exam might be flourishing some turn of madness on a road.

“You’ve got to understanding with this organic thing, that is a pushing public,” Ms. Hanak said.

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Semi strikes Jeep, rolls

Semi strikes Jeep, rolls

Published 7:13am Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A semi driver lost control in icy conditions Monday night on Interstate 35 at the interchange with Interstate 90 and struck a Jeep.

Fortunately, both drivers walked away with no apparent injuries. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, the men were wearing seat belts.

The State Patrol report says 54-year-old Bradley Adams of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, was driving a 2012 Kenworth northbound when he lost control and hit the rear bumper of a 1995 Jeep driven by 38-year-old Erick Abrego of Albert Lea.

The report says the Kenworth skidded across an on-ramp and rolled into the ditch, landing on its side and facing southbound. The crash happened at 9:17 p.m.

Assisting the State Patrol at the crash were the Albert Lea Police Department, Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office, Albert Lea Fire Department and Gold Cross Ambulance.

Both the semi and the Jeep were towed to Allen’s Tow-N-Travel in Albert Lea. The semi was totaled, while the Jeep sustained moderate damage, according to the State Patrol.



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Travelling with a President(s)

This list is by no means exhaustive; as such readers greatfully supplement your possess anecdotes and trivia to a comments territory following a article.


First in flight.

President Theodore Roosevelt became a initial U.S. boss to fly in an aircraft. The useful eventuality occurred on Oct. 11, 1910. It wasn’t many of a journey, he enjoyed an over moody of a throng during a nation fair.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a initial siting boss to fly.

Air Force One.

It’s not unequivocally a plane. It’s a call sign. Any U.S. Air Force craft carrying a President is Air Force One. Of march there are usually a integrate of planes given to lift a president. The thought came in 1943 for a specific troops aircraft to fly a president. But a call pointer didn’t come until 1953 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower entered a same airspace as a blurb airline moody regulating a same call sign.


First on

President Theodore Roosevelt.

He’ll be entrance turn a mountain…

President George W. Bush, who still has family in Greenwich, was an zealous towering bike rider. After he left bureau he participated on a 12K towering bike float with a Wounded Warrior substructure in 2011.



Once on a time a U.S. supervision owned a yacht, a presidential yacht. The USS Sequoia was in use from Presidents Herbert Hoover to Jimmy Carter. Carter put it adult for sale in 1977. 


President George H.W. Bush had a cigarette vessel that he kept in Kennebunkport, Maine.


After presidential possibilities began furloughed a nation in buses a White House satisfied they indispensable to join in a fun. Now a Secret Service has dual black, armored buses in a swift of vehicles.


President Millard Fillmore, a 13th President, motionless he wanted a new carriage when he became president. He bought one and named it “Old Edward” after Edward Moran, a White House valet who was about to leave service.


It’s a stretch

Since a late 1930s a US supervision consecrated vehicles for presidential use. Aside from leather seats these cars have special invulnerability countermeasures including troops class armor during slightest 5 inches thick, wheels that can run on prosaic tires, and front bumpers that can evacuate rip gas. President Barack Obama rides in one that entered use Jan. 20, 2009, made by General Motors.

President William McKinley was a initial boss to float in a car, though a supervision didn’t possess a automobile until President Theodore Roosevelt.

Joy ride

Of all a presidential cars, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s personal automobile is The Hub’s favorite. This 1936 Ford Phaeton is exhibited in a Franklin D. Roosevelt Library during Hyde Park. The automobile facilities special palm controls and as a docent explained, a boss loved, only loved, pushing around a drift in this glossy blue car.  


George Washington had “Nelson’ and “Blueskin” during a American Revolution. John Adams rode “Cleopatra.” And President Zachary Taylor’s aged Army equine “Whitey” grazed on a White House lawn. Visitors used to take commemoration horsehair from a late steed.

President Ronald Reagan desired horseback riding. He was mostly photographed roving during Rancho del Cielo, his California vacation home.


Marine One is a call pointer for any U.S. Marine aircraft carrying a president, that is many mostly a helicopter. President Dwight Eisenhower was a initial boss to transport in an central helicopter.


While there is no central presidential train, presidents and presidents-elect have used them given a days of Andrew Jackson.

According to Railroad Magazine President Franklin D. Roosevelt clocked a many miles on a tracks. Most of them in a automobile named a “Ferdinand Magellan.”

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Bon Voyage: Car trips with Rover don’t have to be trimming – Record

Mitt Romney is in a self-evident doghouse with some dog lovers.

The story of Romney transporting his dog Seamus in a conduit on tip of his vehicle for a 12-hour family highway outing in 1983 — during one indicate hosing dog and conduit down when a dog grown diarrhea, afterwards stability a outing — pennyless on Fox News in 2007. It resurfaced in Newt Gingrich’s Jan “For a Dogs” ad, afterwards again Feb. 14 during a Westminster dog uncover when protesters representing Dogs Against Romney hold photos of dogs with a aphorism “I float inside.”

While discussions operation from 1983 Massachusetts animal cruelty laws and crude transport of animals, I’ve nonetheless to hear anyone plead a correct approach to transport by vehicle with a dog.

Two experts share tips for holding your dog along for a ride: Haven Humane Society Public Relations and Education Manager Krista Korenko, also a trainer, and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Director of Applied Science and Research during a ASPCA Katherine Miller.

Both Korenko and Miller pronounced pets should be absolutely calm inside a vehicle for everyone’s safety.

“Pets should always (travel) in a well-ventilated bin or carrier, or calm with a transport strap in a behind chair of a vehicle,” Miller said.

Restraining pets keeps drivers safer, too.

“It can spin a really dangerous conditions if a dog is authorised to get underneath a driver’s feet or onto their lap,” Korenko said.

Not safely confining a pet is a biggest mistake pet owners make, Miller said.

“If a doorway is opened, they will mostly run out, presumably into traffic,” Miller said. “If we get into an accident, an wantonness pet is launched brazen like a barb by a windshield and outward a car.”

Korenko and Miller both suggest a gentle conduit or crate.

“(It’s) a safest place to have a dog while roving inside a car,” Korenko said. “(It) keeps a dog contained and can be a slightest distracting for a driver. It’s also one of a safest places for a dog to be in an accident.”

Carriers come in a accumulation of materials including handle mesh, tough cosmetic and soft-sided carriers, Miller said. When we squeeze a carrier, make certain it’s vast adequate to concede your pet to “stand, sit, distortion down and spin around.”

If we don’t have a crate, have another chairman transport with we so they can keep an eye on a dog while a motorist keeps their eyes on a road,” Korenko said.

The dog should be leashed and means to be destined to stay in a protected place within a car.

If a dog is not crated in a vehicle and another chairman is not available, a dog’s entrance to a motorist should be limited by possibly barriers that keep a dog in a behind apportionment of a vehicle, or it should be safely tethered,” Korenko said.

Seat belt harnesses can effectively fasten a dog, Korenko said. These are accessible during many pet stores.

“If we use a harness, it’s critical to make certain that it’s privately done for transport and can withstand a army of a vehicle accident,” Miller said.

Train your dog to be a gentle traveler.

“If your pet isn’t used to roving in a car, take him on a array of brief drives first, gradually lengthening time spent in a car,” Miller said. “Get him used to a bin during home by portion dishes in a crate, and putting his bed in a bin so he associates it with certain feelings and treats.”

Korenko urges pet owners to sinecure a dog tutor if your dog has issues with roving in vehicles.

Plan your pet’s transport dishes in advance.

“Your pet’s travel-feeding report should start with a light dish 3 to 4 hours before departure,” Miller said.

Some animals might spin ill if we feed them a full dish right before departure, Korenko said.

Never feed your pet in a relocating vehicle, Miller said.

If you’ve ever had stomach difficulty from celebration H2O — hard, soft, chlorinated — from another town, you’ll know a subsequent tip.

“Bring bottled or daub water,” Miller said. “Drinking H2O from an area that your pet isn’t used to could outcome in an dissapoint stomach.”

“Keep windows sealed or high adequate that a dog can’t gaunt out while a vehicle is in motion,” Korenko said. “Pets can tumble out, generally if a motorist has to unexpected swerve. Some dogs might even conflict to a outward sourroundings and confirm to burst out a open window.”

Never leave your pet in a prohibited vehicle “even for a few minutes,” Korenko said.

Consider that it’s too dangerous and a guilt for me to advise readers to try sitting in their cars themselves for a same volume of time, underneath a same conditions.

“On a prohibited day, even with a windows open, a parked vehicle can spin a furnace in no time, and heatstroke can develop,” Miller said. “In cold weather, a vehicle can act as a refrigerator, holding in a cold and causing a animal to solidify to death.”

Miller recommends pet owners ready a transport pack that includes transport papers, food, a bowl, a leash, a rubbish scoop, cosmetic bags, bathing supplies, remedy and a pet first-aid kit, and a favorite fondle or sham “to give your pet a clarity of familiarity.”

“When traveling, your pet should have their collar with ID tags on them during all times,” Miller said.

I would humbly supplement 3 other tips:

Stop mostly to transport your dog — on a control — during dog-friendly rest stops. Let him have time to “go” and move cosmetic bags to collect adult waste.

Keep your dog’s transport area, bin or otherwise, purify and comfortable.

Bring copies of your dog’s vaccination records, generally if we cranky state lines. These should be partial of your dog’s transport papers.

Read past Bon Voyage columns on roving with pets in trucks during and on planes during

To hit Jessica Skropanic call 225-8265 or email

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Snow hampers travel in parts of the Dakotas

Talk about it

    BISMARCK — Travel has been hampered in parts of the Dakotas as the states get their second measurable snowfall in a week.

    The Bismarck Tribune reports that North Dakota officials have reopened Interstate 94 from Mandan to Dickinson. I-94 had been closed earlier Thursday because of trucks blocking the road.

    A cattle truck rolled on Interstate 94 about nine miles east of Glen Ullin at about 8 a.m. One person was transported to a Bismarck hospital.

    Officers also reported a severe injury accident on U.S. Highway 85 between Amidon and Bowman, N.D., early this morning.

    A car and truck collided, officers said. According to a Highway Patrol news release, a 21-year-old male passenger from Williston was killed and three other people were injured this morning after a northbound 1995 Jeep Laredo ran into a northbound 2012 Kenworth semi-truck on Highway 85, 11 miles north of Bowman.

    Johnny Lucy, Fort Payne, Ala., was traveling north in a semi when Felipe Defavari, 22, Williston, attempted to pass him in the Jeep his car, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

    The highway was covered with ice and snow, making it slippery and causing Defavari to lose control, according to the release.

    Defavari’s Jeep slid into the semi’s rear end.

    Eduardo Vinotti and Mike Naea of Williston along with Defavari sustained injuries were transported to the Bowman Hospital. Vinotti and Naea were later air lifted to a Bismarck hospital, according to the release.

    Naea and the male passenger were not wearing seatbelts. The victim’s name was not released.

    Lucy was not injured.

    The crash is under investigation.

    Officials in the state’s Department of Transportation said this afternoon the highway between New Salem and Hebron is covered with rough, compacted snow and ramps may still be blocked.

    Travel also was difficult in South Dakota, and some schools closed for the day.

    The National Weather Service issued winter weather warnings and advisories early Thursday for parts of the two states. As much as 10 inches of snow had fallen in southwest North Dakota and as much as 14 inches in western South Dakota.

    The article includes information from The Associated Press and The Dickinson Press. The Press and the Herald are Forum Communications Co. newspapers.

    Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

    north dakota, south dakota, news, snow, winter, weather, travel, i-94

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    Tourism Launches 100 Alabama Road Trips

    More Related Stories

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    imitation page




    February 24, 2012 —

    Montgomery, Ala. (PRWEB) Feb 24, 2012

    Alabama Tourism now launched a 3 year campaign, 100 Alabama Road Trips with a recover of a initial 10 trips. The debate focuses on pushing itineraries that travelers can knowledge over dual or 3 days. The initial itineraries are now live on a tourism website and any is numbered, Other trips will continue to be combined via a initial year of a campaign.

    The initial 10 trips embody a BCS Championship tour, Eagle examination on Lake Guntersville, a regretful getaway to Mobile, Selma to Montgomery Civil Rights history, open mangle during a beach, a walking debate of downtown Birmingham, Huntsvilles Space Rocket Center, Montgomerys story tour, bird examination on a seashore and a To Kill A Mockingbird debate in Monroeville. A few arriving trips will embody a Girlfriends Getaway on a Eastern Shore, family fun in Sylacauga, golfing in Alabama, song in a Shoals and Gulf Coast adventures.

    Road Trips is also a thesis for a 2012 Vacation Guide. Pages 6 and 7 of a beam provides a hide look during a campaign. The cover of a announcement is of a 1953 baby blue Cadillac, most like a one Hank Williams owned, parked on a post during Lake Guntersville. The automobile will be used as a pitch and trademark for a highway trips campaign. The Cadillac is in tourisms radio commercials that are now airing on radio stations opposite a U.S. The automobile will also be used around a state during events and festivals via a 3 year campaign.


    We wanted to make it easier for travelers to devise their outing so we came adult with 100 itineraries. Theres something for everyone, pronounced tourism executive Lee Sentell. If youre formulation a outing to a beach, we have an channel for that, or a outing to knowledge a tiny towns of Alabama, weve got that too.

    The 164-page vacation beam provides travelers with information on hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, tourism associations, state parks, golf courses, attractions, trails and museums.

    Each segment of a state is highlighted and provides articles on a attractions, places to stay and events in a areas. Articles embody 100 Great Alabama Road Trips” on pages 6-7, selling for treasures in Alabama on page 13, Civil Rights story on pages 14-15, Alabamas chefs, farms and restaurants on pages 16-25, and golf starts on page 26. Articles on any of a 4 regions of a state along with things to do start with a north segment on page 37. Each informal essay includes a map of a area with a highway outing blue Cadillac icon.

    Travelers can collect adult copies of a vacation beam during any of a 8 Alabama Welcome Centers, by job 1.800.ALABAMA or by requesting online during Compass Marketing of Gulf Shores publishes a vacation guide.

    Contact: Edith Parten

    PR/Media Relations Director

    Alabama Tourism Department



    Twitter: @ALTourist


    Read a full story during

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