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Consumer Reports Examines Smarter Cars That Could Prevent or Minimize Up To 80 …

Consumer Reports tender by new technology, says it’s value pursuing

Consumer ReportsYonkers, NY – An desirous new reserve complement that is being grown by government, universities and automakers is featured in Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Issue.

Instead of safeguarding conflicting a issue of a automobile crash, a complement is designed to forestall automobile crashes from occurring in a initial place. And a magazine—a fixed disciple of stronger reserve facilities for drivers for 8 decades, from chair belts to atmosphere bags to electronic fortitude control—is tender by this technology.

Here’s one proceed a complement can assistance drivers: Imagine that you’re entrance an intersection during 30 mph with a immature trade light ahead. What we can’t see is that another automobile entrance in on a cranky transport is about to run a red light. In a standard car, we would enter a intersection and many expected be slammed in a side by a other vehicle, that could severely harm or even kill you. But in this car, a distinguished red warning light flashes on a lurch and an alarm blares, giving we time to strike a brakes before entering a risk zone.

That is one of several pile-up scenarios that can be prevented by this system. It allows cars in a same area to promulgate with one another over a wireless network, exchanging information about any vehicle’s speed, location, and instruction of travel. With that information, a complement can establish either a pile-up is expected and advise drivers to brake. In some-more modernized designs, it can even stop a automobile if a motorist doesn’t respond fast enough.

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, such a complement has a intensity to assistance drivers equivocate or minimize adult to about 80 percent of crashes involving unimpaired drivers.

In further to vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, systems are also being grown that concede cars to promulgate with roadside infrastructure, such as trade lights, and work and propagandize zones. Taken together a record is now mostly referred to as V2X.

Two of CR’s staffers got to knowledge V2X record firsthand. One gathering 8 V2X-equipped vehicles from conflicting automakers during one of NHTSA’s motorist clinics in Alameda, CA.  to see how a record helps in scenarios such as flitting on a highway when there’s an approaching car, detecting vehicles in a car’s blind spot, and avoiding a motorist who’s regulating a red light. Another staffer got to see Ford’s Intelligent Intersection in Dearborn, MI, and how vehicles promulgate with trade signals as good as other vehicles. Overall, they both came divided tender with a efficacy and intensity reserve advantages of a systems.

Implementing V2X or connected-vehicle record on a mass scale is still several years away, and it will need to residence concerns about remoteness and cyber confidence to be supposed by a public. While such systems will be some-more effective when a infancy of a automobile swift is so-equipped, experts contend advantages can be seen even with low levels of penetration.

“These systems are being aggressively grown since they could be a subsequent large reserve breakthrough,” pronounced Rik Paul,  automotive  editor,  Consumer  Reports.  “But  adequate  oversight  of  how  the  information is used is essential to safeguard a remoteness of drivers and to forestall abuse.”

The full story “Stopping crashes with smarter cars” is accessible on  in a Annual Auto Issue of Consumer Reports on newsstands Feb 28th until May 7th.  Updated daily, Consumer is a go-to Website for a latest automobile reviews, product news, blogs on violation news and automobile shopping information. Check out CR’s ongoing Twitter feed during @CRCars.

What’s function now

Some regions are already regulating wireless systems that concede vehicles and roadside infrastructure to correlate to assistance urge trade and a environment. Electronic  fee collection is now common.

Highways in Dallas, Minneapolis, San Diego, and Seattle are regulating trade government programs that yield real-time information on transport time or line closures on electronic signs placed over a roadways.  Minnesota has used a complement to revoke trade volume by assisting drivers reroute  around slowdowns.

Seattle uses a traffic-signal-priority complement that changes lights to concede puncture vehicles to pass by intersections, gives vigilance priority to buses, and synchronizes lights for improved trade flow.

Similar record is assisting truckers save fuel by vouchsafing them pass by electronic drive-by import stations instead of sitting and waiting for prolonged periods. Truckers can simply expostulate over highway sensors that calculate and news a truck’s weight.

How articulate cars can strengthen you

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems are designed to forestall crashes in a series of scenarios. Federal officials have conducted several motorist clinics over a past year in that open volunteers have been means to knowledge a record and see how these facilities can assistance them equivocate accidents:

Intersection assist.  When we proceed an intersection, it alerts we if another automobile is roving during such a speed on a cranky transport that it could run a red light or stop pointer and strike your automobile in a side. This helps forestall common and mostly deadly T-bone accidents.

Left-turn assist.  When in an intersection, it alerts we if there’s not adequate time to make a left-hand spin since of approaching vehicles. This can keep we from branch even when we can’t see a approaching car.

Do-not-pass warning.  When pushing on a two-lane road, a complement warns we when a automobile entrance in a conflicting instruction creates it vulnerable to pass a slower-moving vehicle.

Advance warning of a automobile braking ahead. The complement emits an warning when a automobile that’s dual or some-more cars forward in a same lane—and presumably out of sight—hits a brakes unexpectedly. This can assistance forestall a rear-end collision when you’re held by surprise.

Forward-collision warning.  A warning will sound if a complement detects that you’re roving during a speed that could means we to strike a slower-moving automobile in a rear. It will also give we allege warning of a stopped automobile in your line that we might not see since of a automobile in front of we or since it’s around a hook in a road.

Blind-spot/lane-change warning.  When roving on a multilane road, this illuminates a warning light when a automobile is positioned in your blind spot. It also emits a shrill beep if we activate your spin vigilance when it’s vulnerable to change lanes. V2X is some-more accurate than stream blind-spot monitoring systems that use cameras or radar and can even advise we of a automobile that’s accelerating into your blind zone, that required systems can’t do.

An intelligent intersection can broadcast information about a trade vigilance – either it is red, yellow, or immature – to vehicles in a surrounding area. It can also broadcast a GPS plcae improvement cause to assistance precisely pinpoint automobile line position. Infrastructure final are modest, singular to an antenna, transmitter, and a information feed from a signal. The complement in a automobile calculates if a motorist is expected to run by a red light or circuitously stop pointer and warns them to stop, avoiding a crash.

About Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a world’s largest eccentric product-testing organization. Using a some-more than 50 labs, automobile exam center, and consult investigate center, a nonprofit rates thousands of products and services annually. Founded in 1936, Consumer Reports has over 8 million subscribers to a magazine, website and other publications.  Its advocacy division, Consumers Union, works for health reform, food and product safety, financial reform, and other consumer issues in Washington, D.C., a states, and in a marketplace.

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Car explosve during minibus depot in Pakistan kills 12

PESHAWAR, Pakistan —

Dilawar Khan’s son had stopped off during his tea emporium on his approach behind from propagandize when a absolute automobile explosve exploded outward it. The 12-year-old was among a dozen killed in Thursday’s blast during a train depot for passengers wanting to ride to a riotous limit regions with Afghanistan.

The blast tore by a dozen vehicles watchful to ride passengers from a city of Peshawar to other areas of a country. Some of a minibuses were blackened and destroyed. There were 32 wounded, including women and children, officials said.

“God should destroy these terrorists,” Khan cried during a sanatorium in a northwestern city of Peshawar.

In a chaos, a 45-year-old shopkeeper primarily suspicion his other son had been killed, though he incited adult during home later.

“What have my sons finished wrong,” he said, violence his face with his hands.

Violence has forsaken off in Peshawar and some other areas of Pakistan over a past year following offensives opposite a Pakistani Taliban in a northwest. But bombings and shootings still start with regularity, generally in a limit regions, and no one is presaging feat opposite a militants.

No organisation claimed shortcoming for a blast. Some of a minibuses were blackened and destroyed. The passed enclosed dual children, including Khan’s son.

Peshawar is located tighten to a Afghan border, a categorical refuge for Pakistani Taliban fighters during fight with a government.

The automobile explosve was installed with scarcely 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of explosives, city military arch Siraj Ahmed said.

It’s misleading because a train depot was targeted. Most belligerent attacks are directed during confidence force or supervision targets, though markets and other open places have also been hit, presumably to emanate disharmony and supplement to perceptions that a supervision is incompetent to yield simple security.

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Deaths coax demeanour during road’s safety

ST. AMANT — The deaths of dual children after their automobile went off a highway and sank into a deep, murky lagoon Tuesday night in Ascension Parish focused courtesy Wednesday on a winding, farming territory of La. 935 where a pile-up occurred.

In a customary reserve examination finished after all vital incidents, a Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development will weigh a area along La. 935, also famous as Stringer Bridge Road, to see if improvements need to be made, an group orator pronounced Wednesday .

“The reserve of a roving open is a series one priority for DOTD,” Dustin Annison, DOTD spokesman, pronounced in an email.

Battling darkness, wintry H2O and a quick stream in Black Bayou, puncture responders were not means to lift Faith Castilaw, 9, and Patience Lobell, 7, from a behind seats of a 2003 Mercury Sable for 30 to 40 mins after a pile-up around 10 p.m., authorities said.

Their mother, Raelyn Encalade, 28, and dual other girls in a car, ages 9 and 6, transient and were pulled from a H2O by people on a stage as good as initial responders with a Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office and St. Amant Fire Department, authorities said.

Lynn Hall, 69, of Gonzales, great-grandmother of Faith and Patience and grandmother of one of a girls who survived, Alexis Welch, 6, pronounced she could not even trust what happened to her “precious,” effusive girls.

“They meant all to me. They were only everything,” Hall said.

Trooper Russell Graham, orator for Louisiana State Police Troop A, pronounced investigators don’t think speed or ethanol use as factors in a crash, though presumably motorist oversight might have been involved. He remarkable a integrate seconds during 50 mph translates into a few hundred feet of distance.

“It’s only like any other state highway with a curve,” Graham pronounced of a pile-up scene. “People who are not profitable courtesy are going run off a highway in a curve.”

But a pile-up also gave arise to hire concerns about a sunless territory of La. 935.

Ascension Parish Councilman Randy Clouatre, who represents a partial of a bishopric where a mutilate occurred, called a area “high risk” and pronounced he would find reserve improvements, such as high-visibility striping joined with a rumble frame down La. 935’s center.

St. Amant Fire Chief James LeBlanc combined a highway is an “area of concern” due to a series of fatalities that start there and needs to be looked into.

“It’s a high-risk area. If we go off a road, you’re not indispensably going to run off into a (drainage) embankment or a pasture,” Clouatre said.

Christie Crooks, principal of St. Amant Primary School, attended by all 4 girls in a crash, pronounced a spin and overpass are a source of regard for her since propagandize buses transport that route.

“I don’t like to expostulate it myself,” she said.

In Mar 2008, a physique of Jody P. Bourgeois, 19, of St. Amant, was found in his submerged automobile in Black Bayou after he apparently went off La. 935 in a same spin nearby Tuesday’s crash, troopers reported during a time.

Bourgeois had been blank for 6 days until his father found tire marks heading to a bayou, according to published reports.

La. 935 creates a 90-degree spin and crosses Black Bayou before that spin is completed. The spin and a overpass over Black Bayou are banked. The surfaces of a overpass and a southern proceed slope downward from a north- to southbound lanes.

Southward from a bridge, a highway winds to La. 22 as Black Bayou runs alongside it for a widen with no shoulders.

On Tuesday night, Encalade was headed north from a outing to Catch 22, a gas hire preference store during La. 22 and La. 935, troopers and glow officials said.

Encalade veered left opposite a southbound line of trade only before a overpass over Black Bayou and went into a water, troopers and glow officials reported.

Councilman Clouatre pronounced that years ago, a guardrail extended past a overpass to forestall vehicles from going into a bayou, nonetheless he pronounced he was not certain about a length of a guardrail. He pronounced a separator was private around a time of a final DOTD alleviation plan several years back.

Annison pronounced a final time DOTD took bids to correct La. 935 was in 1998. He pronounced he could not determine if, when or because a guardrail was taken down.

Faith, a fourth-grader, and Patience, a first-grader, were on a St. Amant Primary School respect roll, Crooks said. “And they were always side-by-side, always right there together.”

Crooks pronounced additional counselors have been reserved to a propagandize to support students and teachers. Classes resume Thursday following a Mardi Gras break. She pronounced St. Amant is a tiny village that pulls together during times like this.

Crooks pronounced one of a flourishing children in a car, third-grader Kamryn Jara, 9, pulled a other, first-grader Welch, 6, out of a car.

But, Crooks said, Jara cried “because she pronounced she couldn’t get everybody out. we told her she did all she could. She’s a small hero.”

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New Manchester and Cyprus Car Hire Deals From Help Brits Save

Online cost comparator sources new discount deals on sinecure for open holidays and prolonged weekends

Lightwater, Surrey (PRUnderground) Feb 22nd, 2012

As a winter turns into open many UK tourists are formulation comfortable continue breaks and prolonged weekends away. To assistance them maximize their transport budgets and suffer some-more automobile sinecure for their income this open heading online cost comparator has introduced new Cyprus and Manchester deals to assistance them rent a car for less.

Brits who imagination treating themselves to some tanning and swimming on a beaches of Cyprus this open can do so on a bill with a new deals. To assistance people get some-more value for income on their trips has sourced new Cyprus automobile hire prices from tip suppliers that start from only £5 per day*.

The online comparison use has won awards for a quality, and no matter where travellers are headed a website can save them income on automobile rental. With deals to be had for over 15,000 locations, is a place to go if formulation a prolonged weekend in a Lake District or North Wales this open – a site now has car sinecure Manchester deals starting as low as £14 per day**.

Gareth Robinson, Managing Director of, commented, “At this time of year many people spin their thoughts to a open getaway in a fever or a prolonged weekend divided somewhere good in a UK. To assistance them suffer some-more for their income this year we’ve sourced some good value deals for renting a automobile while divided in Cyprus or on a prolonged weekend from Manchester.”

The use compares automobile sinecure deals from adult to 50 let companies, including Alamo, Auto Europe, Budget, Holiday Autos and Sixt, in over 15,000 locations worldwide. To review a latest automobile sinecure deals revisit

*Price scold during time of essay for 1 week automobile sinecure from Feb 29th for rentals collected during Larnaca Airport.
**Price scold during time of essay for prolonged weekend automobile sinecure from Feb 24th to 27th for rentals collected during Manchester Airport.

About was launched in Feb 2003 and grew to turn one of a UK’s heading online automobile sinecure companies by 2006.

In 2007 a association re-launched a site to emanate a initial vital online cost comparator in a transport industry. Using a latest record a site now searches adult to 50 opposite automobile sinecure websites, providing an just comparison of a best prices accessible in over 15,000 locations.

Websites searched embody Alamo, Auto Europe, Budget, Ebookers, Hertz, Holiday Autos, Opodo, Sixt and Thrifty, with a site fast comparing prices and permitting business to labour their hunt by automobile type.

The site also facilities over 5,000 pages of transport information in a mini-guide format.

In 2008 was voted Best Car Hire Website in a Travolution Awards, and in 2010 it was Highly Commended in a Best Meta-search/Price Comparison category. To book or for serve information revisit

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Helen Young
T: 0844 448 1489


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On Saturday, Feb. 18, the Kenya Safari Acrobats of Africa visited the Idaho State University campus at the Stephens Performing Arts Center.

This show was an enjoyable two-hour performance filled with humor, music, dancing and some amazing acrobatic skills.

The night opened with all the lights turned off in Jensen Grand Concert Hall as the narrator said, “Welcome to Africa” in a booming voice.

Six performers then came on stage, and the story began. Five of the performers were African natives while the last performer was a tourist that had been separated from her tour group.

As she tried to communicate with the natives and show them various things in her backpack, including a long piece of rope, audience members were asked to come on stage and participate in a jump rope activity. The performers then began a complicated jump rope routine filled with flips, jumps and impressive stunts.

Other activities throughout the night included contortion demonstrations and various balancing acts.

One act included a performer stacking multiple chairs on top of each other and doing hand stands in the air on top of them all as the audience gasped below.

“I really enjoyed the show. There were a lot of fun and exciting performances,” said Kendra Knapp, a freshman at ISU.

This high-energy show was full of laughs and was a great kid-friendly performance. The performers were always smiling and kept the audience entertained from start to finish.

The performance was also educational as the narrator explained a few of the cultural activities that the performers would do throughout the evening.

The show brought in authentic African dance and music of the culture that made the night that much more enjoyable for all.

For more information about the Kenya Safari Acrobats, visit


To see more pictures of the Kenya Safari Acrobats go to Page 5 or visit our online photo gallery at

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