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Solar-Powered Car to Travel Around a World


The SolarWorldGT, a 100 percent solar-powered automobile from Bochum, is in California today, starting a US apportionment of a tour around a world. The automobile finished a initial 3,1000 miles in Australia and New Zealand, though is aiming for a 21,000 mile record-breaking expostulate via other several countries. In a subsequent 49 days, a SolarWorldGT is approaching to finish a 3,700 mile tour from California to South Carolina before streamer to a subsequent stop.

The two-seater sports automobile was grown by American solar row manufacturer SolarWorld and Bochum University of Applied Sciences of Germany. Kevin Kilkelly, boss of Solarworld Americas, told Business Wire, “The SolarWorldGT is an envoy for tolerable transportation, reminding us that a appetite to change a pushing habits divided from unwashed hoary fuels is within a grasp. Clean appetite from a object is there for a taking—without exhausting a Earth’s riches.”

After a automobile reaches South Carolina, it will continue a tour on to Europe, Africa and Asia before streamer behind to Australia after this year.


California Sets a Stage for Solar

Can a US Lead a Global Solar Market?

January’s emanate of Energy Digital has left live!

For those meddlesome in saying a automobile in person, see a report of stops below:

  • 4 p.m. Feb. 3, University of California Santa Barbara, Bren School of Environmental Management, Santa Barbara, CA.

  • 8:30 a.m. Feb. 6, SolarWorld Americas, Camarillo, CA.

  • 4 p.m. Feb. 10, Arizona State University, Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development, Tempe, AZ.

  • 4 p.m. Feb. 23, Texas Christian University, School of Geology, Energy and a Environment, Fort Worth, TX.

  • 4 p.m. Mar 9, Florida AM University, High Performance Materials Institute, Tallahassee, FL.




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Vehicle Crashes into Twin Falls Mexican Restaurant – Twin Falls Times

TWIN FALLS • At least one woman was injured Thursday when a red
Scion crashed into Rolberto’s Mexican Food along Twin Falls’ busy
Blue Lakes Boulevard.

The woman, who was inside the restaurant, was taken by ground
ambulance from the scene of the crash, which occurred at about 3:20
p.m. Her identity and the extent of her injuries remain

Twin Falls Police Officer Lou Coronado said a male driver of a
black Jeep Grand Cherokee rear-ended the Scion and then fled the
scene in another vehicle.

“We went and found him and arrested him,” Coronado said. The
driver’s identity was not immediately available, but he was charged
with leaving the scene of an accident.

Coronado said the cause of the crash was most likely inattentive
driving, adding that the woman driving the Scion may have
inadvertently stepped on the gas when the vehicle was struck.

Josh Borlase was a passenger in the Scion driven by his mother,
Heather, when the crash occurred. Neither was injured, but Borlase
said he and his mother were both pretty shaken up.

Borlase said their vehicle was rear-ended, which caused it to
travel into the restaurant’s front.

“We got hit pretty hard from behind,” he said. “It all happened
in a flash.”

The vehicle’s front passenger side entered partially into
Rolberto’s and collided with tables and chairs near the large glass
windows facing the street.Twin Falls Fire Department Battalion
Chief Ron Aguirre said the damage to the building was superficial
and the wall was not in danger of collapsing.

An elderly woman and her daughter, along with three small
children, were also seated near the windows but were uninjured,
Coronado said.

The scene was cleared by 5:30 p.m.

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`Green` Initiatives in Trouble

`Green` Initiatives in Trouble

CVN Choices


Many of a `green,` choice appetite initiatives that
were launched as partial of a Obama administration`s stimulus
program are in trouble.

The administration has been embarassed by mixed bankruptcies
among companies that perceived roughly $1 billion in loan
guarantees. The latest was Ener1, an electric automobile battery association .

Its pursuit training programs are also unwell to deliver.
The program`s goals were to sight roughly 125,000 people,
producing roughly 80,000 jobs. The tangible numbers
are around 50,000 trained, though usually 8,000 jobs.

The administration`s electric car programs are failing
on 3 fronts. Sales of all-electric vehicles like
the Chevy Volt have been really slow. In addition, a Volt
has gifted fires due to a battery system. In addition,
the vehicles are so costly that many of a taxation credit
money is issuing to buyers, who tend to be abounding enough
to means them. Subsidies to manufacturers also go
large companies like, GM, Ford, and Nissan. GM alone
received $3 billion, that works out to roughly $250,000
per car sole so far.

Meanwhile, a `99%` are carrying to spend some-more on gasoline.
Despite reduced travel, Americans spent some-more on gasoline
as a commission of their sum income in 2011 than they
have given a early 80`s.

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Jeep belonging to ex-tourism director found in AZ

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Sheriff’s deputies in northwest Arizona
found a Jeep belonging to a woman who once ran the Farmington,
N.M., tourism department and is suspected of embezzling thousands
of dollars.

KOB-TV ( ) reports the Mohave County, Ariz.,
Sheriff’s Office found a woman’s body nearby, but they do not know
if it is Debbie Dusenbery. A relative reported Dusenbery missing
last weekend.

Dusenbery was suspended from her job as tourism director with
the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau after she was
suspected of embezzling more than $200,000. Dusenbery allegedly
used the money to pay for numerous trips for friends and family to
Miami, Las Vegas and the Cayman Islands.

Dusenbery resigned January 17.


Information from: KOB-TV,

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Chicago transport companies advantage from Super Bowl

If you’ve deliberate roving to Indianapolis from Chicago during Super Bowl weekend, you’re not alone.

The Circle City is awaiting 150,000 visitors this week, pronounced Morgan Greenlee, mouthpiece for a Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association. Many of those will be nearing from Chicago and transport companies here contend they have been operative tirelessly to accommodate this vast organisation of travelers.
Greenlee pronounced about 60 percent of a visitors to Indianapolis are generally from a Chicago area, and she doesn’t design a Super Bowl to be any different.

“With Chicago and a Chicago Bears being a absolute authorization and being so tighten in vicinity [to Indianapolis], we consider there will be a unequivocally clever [presence] from Chicago,” she said.

In addition, Greenlee pronounced she expects a lot of travelers to come to Chicago initial as a approach to equivocate aloft transport costs of approach flights to Indianapolis.

“We do know that flights have been entrance into Chicago and people have been renting cars and pushing into [Indianapolis],” Greenlee said. “I wouldn’t doubt that since it’s an Indianapolis Super Bowl, Chicago wouldn’t see a effects of that.”

Enterprise Holdings, a primogenitor association of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo and National, has seen as many as 1,000 reservations for automobile rentals in a Chicago area due to Super Bowl activities, according to association orator Ned Maniscalco.

“We’re unequivocally saying an boost in reservations, and this competence be attributed to people drifting in for a Super Bowl and pushing to Indianapolis,” Maniscalco said. “The airfare from both Boston and New York to Chicago is significantly reduction than” drifting directly to Indianapolis.

Southwest Airlines has not seen a direct for additional flights from Chicago to Indianapolis, according to Ashley Dillon, a mouthpiece for Southwest Airlines. However, Dillon pronounced a airline did supplement flights to accommodate a boost in travelers from Boston and Long Island, a home areas for Super Bowl contenders Patriots and Giants.

“For vast events, we will cause that into a scheduling and infrequently supplement additional flights, so we unequivocally take these events into comment when we are formulation a schedule,” Dillon said. “We privately supplement flights out of areas where a dual teams are located, so that’s since we chose those dual markets.”

A discerning check of a Southwest Airline website on Thursday showed a lowest round-trip sheet for Boston to Indianapolis during $472 for a Friday depart and Monday return. The lowest cost from New York on a same dates was $473. By comparison, a lowest Boston to Chicago sheet was $359, and only $264 for New York to Chicago.

“It only depends on when we book, how distant in allege you’ve requisitioned a moody and what track you’re drifting formed on demand,” she said. “You can go online to see what a fares go for now, though a integrate of weeks ago it would’ve been a opposite price.”

Although roving a train is a common approach for people to transport between Chicago and Indianapolis, train companies such as Megabus have not combined trips to Indianapolis this weekend, according to Bryony Chamberlain, executive of operations for Megabus.

“We’ve got a series of people traveling, though positively not adequate during a impulse to lift concern,” Chamberlain said. “At a moment, there is copiousness of ability for people going out to a Super Bowl.”

Chamberlain pronounced Megabus fares are typically around $26 for a one-way outing between Chicago and Indianapolis, though some of a top fares between a dual cities are about 20 to 30 percent aloft than normal this weekend.

Regardless of where fans are entrance from and how most they compensate for roving losses for a Super Bowl, Greenlee pronounced there will be a clever participation of fans nearby both Chicago and Indianapolis.

“There are so many teams within a five-hour pushing stretch of Indianapolis, so we unequivocally consider that if you’re in downtown Indianapolis Super Bowl weekend,” Greenlee said, “you’re going to see your Bears jerseys, Bengals jerseys and even Detroit Lions, since it’s such a mainly located Super Bowl.”

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