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Travel tips: Your phone can help you dodge airport crowds

Tuesday hit a peak for lines and crowds at the airport and officials want to remind travelers it’s going to get worse. They expect the traffic to get worse through Wednesday when most will be heading out at the last minute for Thanksgiving.

Nora Castro  with San Antonio International Airport wants to relay a new change. 

“One change with the TSA is children 12 and under don’t have to remove their shoes when going through the security lines,” she says. 

Castro also adds that if you Facebook or Twitter the airport you can get updates on the crowds and lines. They are still advising travelers to arrive two hours before your flight. Even thought you think you may have it timed out, expect the worst. 

Michelle McCann is headed to Atlanta and she arrived three hours before her flight with her son TJ.  “We’ve got movies we’ve got books, nap time, lunch will come in there some place. We’ll be good,” she says. 

Airport officials also say to keep the lines moving:

  • make sure any gifts that your taking  are unwrapped,
  • don’t lock your luggage,  and
  • have your driver’s license and your ticket ready when you’re  going through security.  

You may be out of luck If you looking for a standby flight airlines are saying they are at 98 percent seating capacity.

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Zipcar is pushing foe in let cars

Mike Segar / Reuters

The trademark is seen on a Mini Cooper automobile during a promotional eventuality in New York’s Times Square in April.

Zipcar, a world’s largest ride-sharing service, continues to expand, and now covers 16 cities. Zipcar, that rents vehicles by a hour, presents a uninformed choice to renting a automobile by a day from a normal chain. It allows travelers to skip a let opposite and save cash. But in new months, Hertz has amped adult a efforts to contest with a new offering.

Zipcar has had a good year as a company, posting a initial profit. It combined dual new vital civic markets, and now has some-more than 8,000 vehicles, including L.A. It also joined with a association in Britain, giving Zipcar members entrance to about 1,700 vehicles opposite London. (U.S. Zipcar members can haven and clear cars in London regulating their U.S. membership cards.)

Yesterday, a association combined load vans, called Zipvans, to a swift of vehicles in San Francisco and Oakland, experimenting to see if it can win business divided from normal relocating automobile let companies like U-Haul.

The ride-sharing use is renouned for a paperwork-free reservations and flat, no “gotcha” pricing—often as inexpensive as $8 an hour— including gas, insurance, parking, and roadside assistance. The repairs deductible for common accidents is $750.

Here’s a understanding for travelers: If we lease cars some-more than a integrate times a year for ride to vital US civic areas and London, it might be financially smarter to lease cars by Zipcar than a vital let automobile chain. On a downside, you’ll need to take open ride to go downtown from a airfield to locations where Zipcars are accessible for rent, as a association doesn’t use vital airports. On a upside, you’ll skip a delays of watchful during lines during airfield let automobile counters—plus a large taxes and charges for renting during an airfield location.

Rental automobile companies are starting to face adult to a plea acted by Zipcar. In September, America’s largest let automobile chain, Hertz, transposed a unsatisfactory try during car-sharing, Connect by Hertz, with a new charity called Hertz on Demand. The new use has no enrollment or membership fees, compared to Zipcar, whose annual price are typically $60 with $25 focus fee. Its hourly rates are approximately a same as Zipcar’s. Hertz on Demand also differs from Zipcar by charity one-way rentals, such as from New York City to area airports, and between cities. Hertz on Demand rents by a hour in a dozen US cities, Berlin, London, Madrid, and Paris. By a finish of a year, many of a cars will be propitious with NeverLost GPS inclination that give turn-by-turn directions and tips on a hottest attractions and restaurants for vital cities.

But Hertz usually has 850 active vehicles worldwide right now—about an eighth a distance of Zipcar. In Chicago, for instance, it has usually one location. As first reported by Mark Vanhoenacker, now by a finish of a year, you can use this coupon (which opens as a PDF) to get a $75 Hertz credit for trade in your Zipcar membership. Now that’s assertive competition.

Zipcar continues to hurl on, though.

The company’s apps for intelligent phones capacitate to use your iPhone or Android to beep a horn of a automobile to find it in a parking lot and afterwards clear a automobile with a hold of a button.

For many of a services’s 300,000 members—who compensate annual fees of $60 on average—Zipcar is a improved famous automobile code than let automobile companies like Dollar and Thrifty. Young people generally like a service. Drivers 21 to 24 years aged don’t compensate additional fees to use Zipcar, while they are charged about $20 a day additional to lease from vital let automobile companies.

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Governor appoints Stevens to Tourism Council

Dodge City will continue to have a voice in the state’s efforts to boost the tourism industry.
Gov. Sam Brownback recently appointed Jan Stevens, director of the Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau, to the Governor’s Council on Travel and Tourism. The panel advises the Kansas Department of Commerce in developing and implementing the state’s tourism marketing and business development, providing information for the Division of Travel and Tourism’s annual budget and reviewing tourism-related programs.
Stevens, who was appointed to the council two years ago to fill another member’s unexpired term, said Friday she was pleased that Brownback had renewed her appointment.
“I’m thrilled to be serving Dodge City and southwest Kansas on the council,” she said. “It’s an exciting time to be part of tourism in Kansas.”
In addition to heading the CVB, Stevens works with several other tourism-related organizations in southwest Kansas, including the Try Southwest Kansas Alliance, Wild West Country and the Kansas Cattletown Coalition.
City Manager Ken Strobel said he was extremely proud of Stevens.
“This is really quite an honor, a distinction,” he said. “She’s doing a great job for Dodge City, certainly, and frankly she has a good working relationship throughout southwest Kansas.
“And I think her being appointed to that board simply confirms not only the governor’s confidence in her abilities, but ours as well.”
Stevens joins Salina resident Donvavan Stucky, Lynda Fort of Ulysses and Kenneth Corbet of Topeka on the board.

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Calabria’s highway reduction travelled

The autostradas that filigree a nation collapse a serve south we go and subsequent Naples there is usually one. It stops during Reggio Calabria.

More Italy travel:


Only Rome is comparison than Reggio though a city has few aged buildings, for too many earthquakes have leveled it, like a one in 1908 when 25,000 adults died. Nevertheless, it is a place with good charm, particularly along a seafront dance that a producer D’Annunzio called “the many pleasing kilometre in Italy”.

Sicily lies before it, and infrequently some-more enchanting vistas, for Reggio is home to a fata morgana. The Normans, who once ruled here, gave a Morgan le Fay name to this unusual imagination materialisation over water.

We parked on a dance and asked dual policewomen where to find a famous Bronzes of Riace. They’d been temporarily changed from a museum to Palazzo Campanella, 15 minutes’ transport away.


The palazzo incited out to be a unconventional informal legislature building. In a foyer, behind a potion partition, experts in white coats were operative on a bronzes. The twin statues, Greek heroes or gods from about 430BC, are as excellent as any we competence ever see.

Half an hour over Reggio, underneath Italy’s vast toe, is Pentedattilo, whose Greek name means 5 fingers. Abandoned in a 1960s since of a risk of erosion and earthquakes, it crouches underneath 5 suspended pinnacles. But nonetheless a houses were dull and many were acrobatics down, we found this not to be a creepy place during all, generally not with singing entrance from Mass being hold in a singular church there. At a top, a busted palace looked out over a Ionian Sea. Pentedattilo any year hosts a film festival.

A array of parsimonious bends took us to a tip of a Gothic city of Gerace, on a mesa. Between a carpark and an commanding Norman palace was a children’s playground, forlorn though with fantastic views. Cobbled streets led down into a equally fantastic town.


The cathedral, Calabria’s largest church, is 1000 years aged and is entered around a crypt, filled with eremite treasures. We went adult stairs into a categorical partial and found we had it totally to ourselves, not even a minister in evidence. We afterwards walked a brief stretch to where a city fell perilously away, to a grill with a low vaulted roof and homemade pasta.

Stilo, serve along a coast, also has a Norman palace though this was an hour’s trek roughly plumb overhead. Instead, we visited a Cattolica, a small red-brick friar structure from a 10th century, now underneath restoration.

A vast male in a wheelchair destined us to a categorical piazza where we had conversed over coffee with a male called Alfonso, carrying identified Graziano as a wheelchair man.

“Do we know Angela from Australia, in a subsequent encampment of Bivongi?” Of course. He valid that by phoning her during once. She was during home, he would take us there, insisting we stand into his Fiat 500, and that we not do adult a seatbelts: “Nobody does that here!” The expostulate was brief though scary, and a confront with Angela during her art gallery was pleasant.

Back in Stilo, there were contented farewells, with Graziano participating: he presented us with ceramic replicas of a Cattolica that he had made. He crippled himself in a automobile accident, Alfonso confided, and he himself had had a bad one a prior year.


After pausing during a fanciful small palace extending into a bluish waters of a Ionian Sea during Le Castella, we incited inland, towards a Sila that fills a range of Cosenza, roughly seashore to coast, and is where Calabria’s sizeable Albanian population, refugees from a Ottomans 5 centuries ago, especially live.

Frascineto was a initial city we visited where Arberesh – a chapter of Albanian – is a internal tongue. It shares with Italian all a marble transport signs, and a city gymnasium reads: Bashkia/ Municipio.

We visited a museum of icons with ancient ones on arrangement as good as techniques for creation new ones, for icons are still being created. The curator urged us to dump in to circuitously Civita, another Albanian town. We were blissful we did for it not usually has a lot of impression though is also set in hills above an unusual canyon.

We ventured afterwards into a Sila Greca, so called since a Albanians are Greek Orthodox. San Giorgio Albanese, one of many villages dotting these ridges, was quiet, with group sitting in groups outward a cafes, extraordinary about us and friendly.


Near a categorical block 3 ladies sitting on stairs greeted us. Arberesh, they told us, is oral by all of a aged though few of a young; it is taught and it endures though who knows for how long. They endorsed we revisit a categorical church. Here we found a town’s enthusiast saint, St George, and a church interior full of resplendent icons.

Hairpin bends shortly took us down to a plain of Sibari, to a archaeological site of Sybaris circuitously a complicated city of Sibari. The orginal city, a scapegoat for luxury, was broken by a people of circuitously Croton who in 510BC diverted a stream over it to finish a job. A Greek city and afterwards a Roman one were built there after but, a beam forked out, a siphon contingency work 24/7 to keep a high H2O list from flooding a site once again.

Our final night in Calabria was outward a outpost city of Rocca Imperiale and once again we were staying during an agriturismo. This is a plantation that offers traveller accommodation, one of thousands in Italy. We left Calabria subsequent morning still reflecting on since tourists evade this poetic region. Perhaps since of a reputation, or a miss of infrastructure, or bad promotion.

The initial is a misconception – a internal Mafia has never targeted tourists, and travellers are as protected there as anywhere. The second and third do seem valid: there are few good hotels or highways, and a wonders of a place are not good advertised. But if we transport by sinecure car, as we did, opt for plantation stays and – this is critical – have good formulation and investigate beforehand, afterwards pleasing Calabria delivers on a promise.

Rory Steele was innate and partial lifted in WA, and was Australia’s envoy to Italy from 1997-2001.

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Bruce Bromberg: Tour De Food: Building Friendships And A Safari Lodge In Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (PHOTOS)

Zimbabwe is a country of great contrasts: extreme wealth and desperate poverty, beauty and disgrace, unwavering pride and deep shame, unabashed joy and unbearable suffering. Zimbabwe is a country like no other. Under a tyrant’s rule for over 30 years, the people have learned how to survive and even flourish in the face of unyielding circumstances, waning hope and oppression.

Zimbabwe holds a special place in my heart. In 2004 on my first trip to Africa, a quick plane ride from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls revealed the true Africa that eluded me in the south. I had been invited to Cape Town and the astonishingly beautiful wine lands which flank the stunning, cosmopolitan city for a week of wine, food and fun. The intention was to experience the local wines, wine makers and the long history of wine making on the southern most point of the world’s most intriguing continent.

The trip was amazing and fruitful in many ways, but after a week of wine, food and living the good life I was convinced that there was more to Africa than beautiful seaside estates, four-course dinners and sunset regattas complete with wine tastings and canapés.

I made a quick call to my brother Eric — who was keeping the NYC kitchens of Blue Ribbon Restaurants humming along — to say that I needed more time on the Dark Continent. He obliged, and my plans quickly took form. Kerry-Ann, the Wines of South Africa representative who was responsible for the unruly group of Americans that I was a part of, made some calls to her family’s safari lodge, Bayethe, on the Shamwari reserve on the Eastern Cape, some plane reservations and — plenty of phone calls later — I was quickly on route to the best journey of my life. That trip over seven years ago showed me a side of Africa that was intoxicating and captured my heart. It was wild and unpredictable and my adventure back in 2004 still burns deep in my mind nearly every day of my life.

Fast forward to 2011. I have been back to Africa every year since 2004. Kerry-Ann, who was once responsible for that unruly group of Americans, is now responsible for unruly me and our daughter Tanner. We were married just weeks after I returned from my Africa walkabout and I am ironically working with our brother-in-law Mark and Kerry’s sister Amanda to open a luxury safari lodge on the banks of the Zambezi just four kilometers north of Victoria Falls.

I just returned from two weeks at the site. The location is stunning, with white-sand beaches on the banks of the world’s most powerful river where elephants, hippos and crocs bask in their natural habitat. Wondrous baobab trees straight out of the illustrations of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince provide a serenity so complete that one instantly forgets all else and becomes a part of the Earth’s hypnotic rhythms which seem to be pumping up from the very spot where the lodge is taking shape.

Mark has already spent two years obtaining the land concession and six months getting the construction project going and dealing with a litany of issues. The challenge to design, build and create a world-class kitchen and restaurant in Zimbabwe is not without many pitfalls and challenges. I quickly learned that Zimbabwe is extremely third world and that the basics that we are all so accustomed to and take for granted in America are nearly impossible to procure and achieve. Quality food, hygienic kitchens and even a culinary culture are hard to find.

What I thought would be a rich history of special dishes passed down from generation to generation were not to be found. My inquiries into holiday recipes and family favorites fell on deaf ears. I quickly realized that the questions that I usually ask when I travel that lead to great revelations and the heart and soul of a particular people evoke unease and blank stares here in Zimbabwe. These proud and resilient people, just like the land that they have relied on for millennia, have been stripped and robbed of tradition and cultural wealth, by war, imperialism, greed and tyranny.

My time at the site was amazing. For days we worked in the intense heat,with temperatures consistently above 100 degrees. The team of 40 local workers raised the lodge’s 35 foot timber beams, bound and laid thatch roofs, ran power lines and constructed water catchment systems. All the while I began in earnest to try to find what I knew existed but could not find.

In the Chinotimba, a township just miles from Victoria Falls, where thousands live in dilapidated huts made from salvaged materials, I began to sense that I had found the heart and soul of Zimbabwe. Here, a type of spinach is grown out of the hard dirt ground. In front of nearly every house there is a small patch of the green plant, sometimes just a few square feet growing and providing the family with their daily nutrition and sustenance. “Mile meal,” “Pap” or “Sadza” is the nation’s food. It is the same as our grits and is boiled with water until it’s soft. The Zimbabweans cook the Sadza till it is rather dry since they don’t use utensils to eat but rather their hands so the final product must be of a consistency that they can form it into a ball and dip it in slow cooked greens if available.

Word around the lodge site had spread that I was a chef and had been asking about traditional dishes and food. One afternoon, while laying out the future Blue Ribbon kitchen, a tall and lean teenage boy dressed in baggy blue overalls and a New York Yankee baseball cap named Gift approached me and shyly stated that another worker, “Big Boy,” knew how to make some traditional Zimbabwean food, “food that the ancestors used to eat.” Big Boy was high on the lodge’s roof laying the endless sea of gold reeds which would eventually make up the lodge’s majestic thatched roof. I called to him and he descended the make-shift ladder. We discussed a dish called Shlogo. It sound a bit scary but intriguing: Cow’s head was the base, but beyond that I wasn’t sure on the details. The price for the head was $15, and Big Boy and Gift would get the head after work and prepare the dish the next day. The money exchanged hands, and I was anxiously looking forward to my first true Zimbabwean meal.

Well, things didn’t go exactly as I expected. (Needless to say, this was one of the more challenging food events of my life.) But what I did learn was that there remains in Zimbabwe a passion for tradition and food. The whole construction team cut the day short and headed to the fire pit for a special meal. While I struggled with the Shlogo, the crew dived straight in. The contents of the two pots were quickly devoured and smiles and stories of better times filled the air with optimism, pride and hope.

Gift was ecstatic, Big Boy dished out plate after plate and a calm came over everybody. The guys were anxious to see if I enjoyed their beloved dished: I did. They started to tell me more, different dishes and various preparations that we could try in the days to come. This was what I knew existed but couldn’t find. The joy that can only come from this type of culinary exchange was intoxicating. I promised that I would return after Christmas and we would all cook together — and maybe I could learn more from them and even make a few dishes for them from America. I knew this to be the moment of a great culinary connection that opened the door for a spiritual meeting between two very different cultures.

I am anxiously awaiting my return to the lodge in a couple of weeks to see the progress that has been made and do some real cooking in our new kitchen with the team.


Peru, Fashion Muse

Is This The Smallest Visitor Center In The World? (PHOTOS)

Oscar Wilde’s Tomb Will Allow No More Kisses (PHOTOS)

America’s Most-Visited Shopping Malls (PHOTOS)

The Passenger Aircraft Caste System

Hotel Room Of The Future At Paris’ Novotel Hotel (PHOTOS)

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FD wrestlers travel to Ankeny

ANKENY – The Fort Dodge wrestling team will waste no time finding out where they stand in the early going of the season, as they meet No. 8 Ankeny tonight.

Action begins at 7:30 p.m. inside the Hawk gym.

The Dodgers (0-0 overall) will be breaking in several new starters, but do feature five individuals with state experience, including two that are ranked to start the year.

“We have wrestled Ankeny to start the year for several years now, and it’s a good measuring stick to see where we are and what we need to improve on,” FDSH head coach Bobby Thompson said. “Dave Ewing (a former Dodger) is still their coach and they will be as tough as they always are.”

Seniors Nate Lentsch (eighth, 120 pounds) and Brayton Taylor (seventh, 145) were in the first installment of The Predicament rankings for Fort Dodge, while the Hawks (0-0) boast five individuals.

Austin Anderson, who earned fifth at state a year ago, is second at 106 pounds, while Carson Powell (170) and Ross Larson (195) are also in the No. 2 spot at their respective weights. Derrick Hubert (ninth, 145) and Jordan Rouse (seventh, 220) are also in the Top-10.

Thompson knows that it will be a grind trying to match the experience Ankeny has in this first dual of the year, as Fort Dodge is still trying to figure out its lineup with the new weight classes.

“With the new weight rules, you can only lose two pounds per week off what you weighed in at,” Thompson said. “So right now, we have several guys wrestling at weights they shouldn’t be at. But those are the rules and we will just have to adjust to it as the season goes on.”

Last year, the Dodgers downed the Hawks inside their own gym, 45-33. Lentsch, Reed Russell, Taylor, Duke Egli and Ben Schnurr all earned wins over Ankeny grapplers, including pins by Lentsch, Russell, Taylor and Egli.

“I hope to see the kids come out, wrestle hard and not back down to Ankeny,” Thompson said. “We have always wrestled them very tough, and I would expect us to do the same again (tonight).”

Huber, Powell and Anderson all picked up victories over Dodger wrestlers in the dual.

Contact Dana Becker at (515) 573-2141, or by email at

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Cat Is Amazed by Car Travel

You hear a tenure “mind-blowing” tossed around a lot, though have we ever indeed seen a mind being blown? Witness what a cat’s face looks like moments before the mind totally melts.

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Hotel Management Software Company Completes Integration with Leading Online …

Leading web-based hotel government program association introduces ‘Direct Connect’ register and engagement interface to Hotel and accommodation properties can now send rate and accessibility information directly to as good as accept real-time engagement updates according to Frontdesk Anywhere co-founder Thomas Lyle.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) Nov 30, 2011

Frontdesk Anywhere, a heading web-based hotel government software company, currently announced a introduction of a ‘Direct Connect’ register and engagement interface to Expedia that provides their corner business with simplified register government and increasing sales prominence to their properties. According to Frontdesk Anywhere co-founder, Thomas Lyle, these new formation facilities concede properties to send rate and register sum as good as accept guest bookings from, or any of Expedia’s other associate partners., one of a world’s largest online transport agencies, offers business a ability to book during over 64,000 businessman hotels worldwide, and about 56% of those hotels bond directly to Expedia according to’s 2009 annual financial report. Once hotels are connected, Frontdesk Anywhere will promulgate with Expedia, automatically promulgation and receiving changes in bookings, rate pricing and register accessibility as they start in real-time.

“Linking my hotel government software directly to Expedia done ideal sense,” settled Eric Jursin, owners of a Tavern Hotel in Cottonwood, AZ. “My Frontdesk Anywhere comment handles all of a engagement retrievals and updates a register accessibility so we no longer oversell my rooms.”

“Frontdesk Anywhere is focused on providing easy-to-use web-based hotel government program solutions,” settled Frontdesk Anywhere co-founder, Thomas Lyle. “Integrating Expedia’s ‘Direct Connect’ interface into a use allows hotels to conduct their register from within a Frontdesk Anywhere PMS while creation their bedrooms permitted on a Internet. All reservations perceived will be permitted in a PMS with no primer involvement required. It’s a best of both worlds with regards to both prominence and palliate of operations. We are gay to offer this resolution to a flourishing patron base.”

Expedia formation is permitted today. For some-more information, business might hit Frontdesk Anywhere during 1-866-924-1949 or


Expedia, Inc., together with a subsidiaries, operates as an online transport association in a United States and internationally. It provides transport products and services to convenience and corporate travelers, offline sell transport agents, and transport use providers by a portfolio of brands, including,,, a TripAdvisor Media Network, Expedia Affiliate Network, Classic Vacations, Expedia Local Expert, Expedia CruiseShipCenters, Egenciatm, eLong, Inc., and Venere Net SpA. The company’s transport offerings include of airline flights, hotel stays, automobile rentals, end services, cruises, and package transport supposing by several blurb airlines, camp properties, automobile let companies, end use providers, journey lines, and other transport product and use companies on a stand-alone and package basis. It also facilitates a engagement of hotel rooms, airline seats, automobile rentals, and end services from a transport suppliers; and acts as an representative in a transaction, flitting reservations requisitioned by a travelers to a applicable transport provider. The association was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

To learn some-more about Expedia products and services revisit


Frontdesk Anywhere is a heading provider of innovative hotel government program for eccentric properties. To date, over 50,000 hotel guest have had their stay managed with Frontdesk Anywhere – from a initial online engagement routine by arrival, onsite operations and checkout. The association is focused on concentration processes traditionally achieved by apart systems into a singular all-in-one capability application. All modules are seamlessly integrated within a focus and permitted from any mechanism and many mobile devices. The association is a secretly hold house formed in San Francisco, California.

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Expedia Survey Shows Americans Leave Vacation Days Unused, Hotel Caravelle’s Three-Night Romance Package Makes Using …

Hotel Caravelle of the US Virgin Islands Makes Using Vacation Days Easy and Affordable. Escape to the Caribbean for a weekend, Valentine’s Day or Any Day with Hotel Caravelle’s Romance Package which includes dinner, sailing trip or island tour, champagne, and more for just $839.

(PRWEB) November 30, 2011

A 2011 survey by Expedia, the travel booking company, found that Americans will be giving up a collective 226 million unused vacation days this year. Hotel Caravelle on the island of St. Croix encourages people to use those vacation days and enjoy a romantic Caribbean escape.

Couples can blend romance and adventure with Hotel Caravelle’s Romance Package which includes accommodations for three-nights, a bottle of champagne upon arrival, a candle-light dinner, and a choice between a sailing adventure or an island tour. Rates now through April 14, 2012 for a four-day, three-night stay, start at $839 per couple, including taxes and service charges. The package is $739 per couple, April 15-Dec 14, 2012. For more information visit or call 800-524-0410.

Caravelle’s Romance package includes:

  •     deluxe king ocean-view room
  •     bottle of champagne
  •     candle-light dinner at the award winning Rumrunner’s waterfront restaurant
  •     his and her t-shirts
  •     a choice of sailing to Buck Island National Park or an island tour exploring the many historical and cultural sites of St. Croix

“There is nothing more romantic than a Caribbean escape with your sweetheart,” says Sid Kalmans, owner of Hotel Caravelle, “We make it easy and affordable at Hotel Caravelle to unwind, relax and enjoy the romance of St. Croix.”

The choice of adventures, both the sailing and the island tour, depart in front of Hotel Caravelle. Guests who go sailing, walk a few steps to the boardwalk and hop on Big Beard’s catamaran, which sets sail to Buck Island, a national park located two miles from St. Croix. Guests enjoy beach time and snorkel the underwater trail. The sailing trip takes guests along the coast of St. Croix offering scenic views along the way.

Couples wanted the island tour are greeted by Sweeney Toussaint of St. Croix Safari Tours. Sweeney guides guests through the history and culture of St. Croix in his open-air red caravan bus, taking them back in time with visits to Whim Plantation Museum, historic landmarks such as the islands two forts, St. George Village Botanical Garden as well as favorite stops including the Cruzan Rum Distillery.

Located on the sun-soaked island of St. Croix, Hotel Caravelle overlooks the Caribbean Sea from its convenient location in the historic town of Christiansted. Hotel Caravelle is walking distance from cafes, shops, galleries and historic sites and buildings. The hotel’s 43 rooms, most with ocean views, offer amenities including a/c, satellite TV, phone, safes, iron and ironing board, hair dryer and radio. The award-winning Rumrunner’s waterfront restaurant and bar, located in Hotel Caravelle, offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more information visit or call 800-524-0410.

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