10 tip highway outing apps

(CNN) — Spring breaks are starting adult opposite a country, that means it’s a commencement of highway outing season.

In “Travels with Charley: In Search of America,” one of literature’s many famous highway trips, John Steinbeck wrote, “We find after years of onslaught that we do not take a trip; a outing takes us.”

In a suggestion of Steinbeck’s truth on travel, we inspire we to take a highway outing with no formulation whatsoever, so that a tour can reveal though a division of skeleton or expectation.

Here are a few apps that we can download on your phone that will concede we to go on a outing during a moment’s notice, with zero some-more than a bag of clothes, a full tank of gas and a healthy sip of wanderlust.


No need to bake dozens of CDs or counsel over a ideal iPod playlist. With Spotify, we have an gigantic jukebox during your fingertips. Driving by a deserts of a Southwest, try “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” soundtrack. Cue adult some Louis Armstrong on a approach to Chicago. Let Sinatra siphon we adult for a weekend in Sin City.

You can hunt as we go, make playlists beforehand, or obstacle other Spotify members’ playlists. In sequence to listen to Spotify on your iPhone, we have to compensate a monthly fee. But remember, that means never shopping or pirating an manuscript again.

Available on Apple products and Android. The app is giveaway though a reward use costs $9.99 per month.

Roadside America

You can get your kitsch on Route 66 with a assist of this app. After all, it’s not a highway outing though during slightest one highway to a weird roadside attraction. Make certain we don’t skip out on a cut of Americana cake by mapping out all a offbeat tourists traps on your route. Let’s face it, you’d be ravaged if we detected we had upheld right by a world’s largest round of twine, a world’s largest garden homunculus or a world’s largest shoe house.

Available on Apple products. $2.99 for permanent entrance to one region, $1.99 for proxy entrance to one region, $5.99 for all regions.


Today it would substantially cost we between $300 and $600 to expostulate from Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66. You can fire for a reduce finish of that operation by regulating this app to find out a cheapest gas once a fuel sign needle starts removing friendly with a E.

Available giveaway on Apple products and Android.


Sometimes a best approach to pass a time or raise a knowledge is with a good audio book. And as many fun as it can be to brush a lorry stop racks for a many absurd scholarship novella book on fasten we can find, you’d substantially cite to locate adult on your reading list.

Or maybe a small transport essay will get we in a mood: “Travels with Charley,” Jack Kerouac’s “On a Road,” or Robert M. Pirsig’s “Zen and a Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” are certain to strike a spot.

Available for giveaway on Apple products and Android. Most audiobooks cost between $20 and $30 unless we squeeze an AudibleListener Gold Membership.

License Plate Travel Game

A partial of a enthusiasm of highway trips is reliving a family vacation experience, reduction a family (if possible). Nothing takes we behind to your childhood in a backseat utterly like highway games. The continuous punching of Slug Bug can reduce morale, though we can’t go wrong with a permit image game.

With this app, we can play invariably via your trip, as a app logs all your finds and keeps measure — one indicate for plates already found and dual for new plates.

Available for $0.99 on Apple products and giveaway on Android.


You’re in a new city we know zero about and we don’t know what to do next. Yelp can assistance with anything.

Restaurants — review reviews of a top rated. Coffee shops — that ones have Wi-Fi. Hotels — that ones have never housed a sequence killer. Car is spewing mangle liquid — that mechanics won’t slice we off.

Available giveaway for Apple products and Android.


Sure you’re excellent with a Google maps app, though if we unequivocally wish to step adult your maritime diversion (and don’t mind coughing adult 60 bucks) afterwards we should download Navigon. Yes, it sounds like a “Transformer” impression and approbation it has a integrate facilities you’ll substantially usually use once, like a Reality Scanner, that uses protracted existence by superimposing points of seductiveness over a live camera.

Just as Navigon’s primogenitor company, Garmin, produces some of a world’s best GPS devices, Navigon has combined a ultimate transport app. With track planning, puncture assistance, speed assistance, line choice assistance and a choice of 2-D or 3-D map display, this app has only about all you’ll need when it comes to removing from indicate A to indicate B. Or devise B, if your giveaway suggestion kicks in to high rigging and we confirm to change transport plans.

Available for $59.99 on Apple products and Android. App comes with several additional in-app options for purchase.

iExit Interstate Exit Guide

It never fails. You keep holding off for a Chick-fil-A until you’re so inspired we go for a subsequent McDonald’s we see. Then a subsequent exit leads directly to sandwiched hand-breaded duck delight.

But with iExit we can see accurately what awaits during a subsequent exit, and a one after that, and a one after that.

Do we have adequate gas to wait until a subsequent town? Is there a lavatory entrance adult any time soon? Need to buy a tent during Wal-Mart? The iExit app will tell we accurately what lies ahead.

Available for $1.99 on Apple products and giveaway on Android.


It’s not that we acquit speeding, we only acquit we meaningful where speed traps and speed cameras are.

So far, Trapster boasts a village of scarcely 15 million users who have reported a sum of some-more than 5.2 million speed traps opposite a world.

Available giveaway on Apple products and Android.

Priceline Negotiator

Gone are a days of scheduling hotel reservations weeks in allege or going from motel to motel, comparing prices and spotless conditions. Now we can make hotel arrangements, find a best deals, negotiate, and review and filter hotels, all on a approach to that night’s destination.

Thank you, William Shatner.

Available giveaway on Apple products and Android.

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