Grand Canyon Jeep Tour

 If you want to spend some quality time in peace and in natural environment away from the glamour and glitz of the fast paced life, visit Grand Canyon national park in Arizonat hat is located just 250 miles away fromLas Vegas. Grand Canyon Jeep tour is the best possible way for you to explore an inspiring landscape that covers 446 km in length and 29 km in width of Grand CanyonNational Park. Grand Canyon jeep tours offer you the most affordable way to explore Colorado River, Kaibab national forest, South rim and North Rim of Grand Canyon on your own pace. The beautiful landscape of Grand Canyon attracts almost 5 million visitors every year with most number of tourists coming from neighboring Las Vegas. There are many traveling options available for visitors who want to travel from Las Vegasto the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. These options include Helicopters, Planes, Buses and Grand Canyon jeep tour.

Getting there and experiencing a Grand Canyon Jeep Tour

While Helicopter tour makes it possible for you to explore otherwise inaccessible and far stretched areas covered by Grand CanyonNational Park in quick time, the grandcanyon jeep tours provide you with more control over your journey and close contact with the natural beauty. Grand Canyon Jeep tours allow you to reach out to the bottom of the Grand Canyon or you can travel through the rim to enjoy the splendid view of sunset atGrand Canyon. The Grand Canyon jeep tour are relatively cheaper than the helicopters and can provide very affordable packages for family tours.

There are many tourism companies that are offering cheap and quality packages forGrand Canyonjeep tours. These packages forGrand Canyonjeep tours ranges from 25 dollars to 150 dollars. ManyGrand Canyonjeep tours offer you alternate routes for your journey to the valley. You can use Grand Canyon jeep tour to travel to the Grand Canyon caverns where you can explore the underground terrain or you can travel to the high rim of theGrand Canyon. You can also visit the Kaibab national forest trough Grand Canyon Jeep tour. This national forest contains animals like elks, deer and other wild life animals andGrand Canyonjeep tour allows you to take close pictures of wild life species in the area. Another great feature ofGrand Canyonjeep tours is to visit eighty foot look out tower. You can break your Grand Canyon jeep tour at the tower to climb and view the beauty ofGrand Canyonfrom the top of the tower. You can view the San Francisco Peaks andPainted Desertfrom the lookout tower. The great feature of manyGrand Canyonjeep tour is that you can break the journey for few minutes at any point of interest to take pictures and to enjoy the scenery.

Where to look online for a Grand Canyon Jeep Tour

You may find number of online tour operators that can provide you with range of Grand Canyon jeep tour for alternate routes and different prices. Some of the Grand Canyon jeep tours takes visitors throughColorado Riverand allows you to swim for one to two hours. Some of these online operators that can arrange fabulous Grand Canyon Jeep tour for you on affordable prices include, etc.

180 E. Warm Springs

Las VegasNV89119


A Grand Canyon Jeep Tour is the memory maker of a lifetime!

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Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep Tours

Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep Tours

Travelling is one of the most exciting ways of exploring new places. Travelers would agree. It is learning with fun. And if you are a traveler too and looking for a place that exhibits great geography and you are an adventurous person, then Sedona, Arizona is the place for you. Sedona is a thrilling experience and if you are a part of the Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep tours, the experience becomes all the more delightful. See more Arizona Jeep Tours here.

Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep tours in Sedona, Arizona is known for its monolith red rock structures that surround it. It is called the red-rock country for the same reason. The place is extremely picturesque and includes Coffee Rock Port, Cathedral Rock, Thunder Mountain Oak Creek Canyon, Ancient Ruins, Broken Arrow and Diamondback Gulch. To cover these, there are many jeep tours both guided and self driven. One can choose as per one’s preference.

A traveler who recently made a trip to Sedona says that rock climbing in the jeep is a fun-filled experience and the scenery from the Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep tours jeep is wonderful.

Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep Tours Excitement and Adventure

Jeep tours, Arizona provides safe, convenient and exciting tours of off-road adventures and Sedona Arizona can be enjoyed best by Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep Tours. It gives an exciting trip to the history, nature, geology et al to the Sedona Arizona. The experienced guides during jeep tours, Arizona who take you through the adventure.

These jeep tours, Arizona or the more famous Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep tours, have jeeps that have been designed and constructed in the most secured way possible to give the travelers an unforgettable experience. They are also well maintained and are sent for maintenance from time to time.

Jeep tour Arizona is identical with exploring Sedona. Different vehicles ferry passengers into this red-rock country and in fact might as well take them as far as The Grand Canyon. These jeep tours, Arizona have jeeps that are both open as well as enclosed, with the latter ones equipped with air conditioner and other luxuries. The drivers do the job of a guide as well and they do it well.

Special Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep Tours packages

There are special jeep tours, Arizona packages designed to suit the travelers’ need. These Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep tours can be organized online as well. And one does not have to pay a bomb for the jeep tour, Arizona. A jeep tour, Arizonais the best way to explore the red rock country called Sedona.  Sedona Arizona Pink Jeep Tours will give you an adventure to remember for a lifetime.

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Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona

Experience Pink Jeep Tours In Sedona.

Sedona is a very gifted city and outstandingly famous for its unquestionable beauty that catches the interest of all the people. Famously known as the red rock country, this is a worth visiting place that provides you with a total enjoyment. Aside from the unquestionable beauty that these huge red rocks possess, this place will let you feel almost like a paradise. Travelers are able to Experience the Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona to discover more about the environment in a fun and exciting way.

From the fantastic sight-seeing opportunities right up to the different incredible activities, you’ll surely love every entertainment and the pure satisfaction you can find in Sedona. People are captivated in the place’s God-made beauty. Vacationers who just love doing different kinds of outdoor activities are become favorable with the place. For the first time of experiencing the Pink Jeep Tours, you probably won’t forget the most awesome tour ever.

Pink Jeep Tours continues to be the most famous and one of a kind tour through these spectacular red rocks and across the canyons to observe a clear sight with Submarine Rock, providing tourist and guests a well guided jeep tours within the Sedona for over 40 years. The standard Jeep at Pink Jeep Tours has been specialized and uniquely set up for safeguarding and passenger relaxation.

Pink Jeep Tours Services

As part of a high quality service that they provide, most staffs are going to acquire costumers from their particular hotels or set up a tour package. An additional way to go is a self-guided tour agreeable on a rented Jeep, Hummer or ATV just within the area.

Pink Jeep Tours features a personalized covered truck known as the Pink Jeep Tours Tour Trekker. Vehicles can be open-air or closed, with a number of second options offering up an air conditioning as well as other luxuries. Perfect for the whole family, seven to ten passengers can occupy plus two driver for extra guide having a previously expertise in their job areas.

Pink Jeep Tours Contact

This would be a great experience and a new environment to spend the holidays for you and your family. For inquiries and reservations visit: Pink Jeep Tours, Inc. Or contact Pink Jeep Tours at (800) 873-3662.

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Jeep Tours in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Jeep TourDiscover Your Las Vegas Jeep Tour

Exploring a place with a specially devised plan and a jeep is what a jeep tour is about. Jeep Tours gives an incredible experience to the travellers with the help of their specially designed route plan. Las Vegas jeep tour is the tours which are meant for experiencing the exciting and adventurous nightlife of the famous city of Las Vegas. The love for outdoor tours can be best met with the jeep travels as they get you to explore the places which you even might not heard of.
Jeep tours in Las Vegas are done in the jeep with the occupancy of 4-5 people. These are easily affordable and comfortable. These jeeps are available with open tops to get a proper trekking experience of tours. The Las Vegas jeep tours include the visits to Grand Canyon National Park South Rim, a spectacular visit to Hoover Dam, an eye catching Red Rock Canyon and many more.

Las Vegas Jeep Tour

Las Vegas jeep tour has certain packages made for its travellers. These include the visits to the colourful Eldorado Canyon which is a wonderful place in Boulder’s backyard. The state park has lovely adventures for all is it for having a picnic, climbing, trekking etc. While your journey to this colourful place, you will be able to see the fields of teddy bear Cholas, photography opportunities near the Lake Mojave, stunning geologic formations and even an isolated desert terrain. These are situated in the oldest and richest gold mines. In Las Vegas jeep tours, the travellers enjoy the scenic beauty of blue colour water of the Colorado River below the Hoover Dam. This visit to Hoover Dam also entitles you to take a Float Trip on this river to enjoy the advanced technological wonder used in this place. Travellers get to see the original gauging station as well where they can practically experience the job of measuring the water levels and flow and the procedure of storing the water in the bunkers. Another place of visit is the Valley of Fire Tour which has the surroundings of colourful scenic beauties, rock formations and even Petro glyphs. Nature’s amazing miracles spotted in this area are Atlatl Rock, Fire Canyon which has sand dunes and even the Rainbow Vista to name a few. The other famous places included in jeep tours in Las Vegas are the popular views of Grandest Canyon, Toroweap which is amongst the more remote location of U.S.

Las Vegas Jeep Tour – What to wear and keep in mind

A few things to be kept in mind while joining a Las Vegas jeep tour include a comfortable clothing and footwear topped with a hat. Being an open jeep tour, skin protection is a must so better apply and carry your sunscreens. A set of extra batteries is recommended together with your camera so that you don’t run out of them while clicking the most beautiful scenes. If you want, you can even opt for the fully air-conditioned jeeps for the luxury. If you use contact lenses, then we recommend you to switch to glasses to avoid any kind of eye-infections. These Las Vegas jeep tours are not recommended for people having back/ neck problems and pregnant women. Children below 1 year are not allowed and the others are required to be supervised by parents. Drinking water is provided throughout the tour. Pack your bags and go for an adventurous journey today on a Las Vegas Jeep Tour!

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Explore Through Jeep Tours

Explore Through Jeep ToursThe Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most attractive sites in the world, which can be explored through jeep tours. With its steep-sided canyon, every individual who gets to see the picture will want to go there. A day is not enough to see the beauty the Grand Canyon boasts off. Together with your friends and family you will truly have a wonderful vacation in U.S’s 15th National Park. The place has many activities that will really make you busy and amused.

It is not only a great place for hiking. The Grand Canyon is also known for the enjoyable tours that it offers to the tourists. One of those is the exciting and enthralling is jeep tours. A jeep is a means of transportation that would allow the tourist to explore the place with an open air.  With the use of this transportation, the tourist is allowed to have a good look of the location without having to walk. Through this, you will get to see all of the sites the Grand Canyon possesses without being away from home or work for a long time. There are a lot of jeep tour packages that the Grand Canyon has to offer as to let you enjoy the wonder of nature. With jeep tours, you can either have someone to drive or drive yourself.

You will also be provided with a guide that has everything that you need to know regarding the ecology, area, and history of the Grand Canyon. With the guides, you will be able to see close of the wildlife without having the animals disturbed. Other Grand Canyon tour packages offer camping in the forest. There is no need to worry from danger since you will be on a protected area that is provided with a bonfire. Food and the tent are also included in the package.

If you want to have your jeep tours in Grand Canyon enjoyable, you should choose the best tour package that suits your personality and needs. Going through travel magazines or the Internet will be a big help as to help you decide on what jeep tours packages you will be availing.

Grand Canyon offers its visitors a wide range of opportunities by which let you experience the scenic and breath-taking beauty. By the time, you have visited the Canyon, the fun and exciting memories will be kept as a treasure for your entire life. So, what are you waiting for? Do not miss the chance to relax from the hassle and buzzes of the modern world; instead, enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon as well as having adventurous jeep tours with your loved ones.

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Important Safari Tour Ideas

Important Safari Tour IdeasSafari tour will give you a great time while enjoying the great outdoors but, before going for your greatest adventure, make sure that you are able to do all the necessary preparation. If you do not know how, then here are some basic but, there are important points to make your Safari tour worth to remember.

Before leaving for the trip, do the following so that you won’t find the trip hard when you get there. If you are going in a group from different places, you must fix a meeting point for you and your companions’ convenience. Check the limitation of your baggage weight in advance before you would actually pack your baggage. This can prevent you from getting trapped or be in trouble at any odd situation. You should also get medicines before leaving, if it is required. Do not forget to carry your first aid kit. It should have the basic medicines for fever, headache and pain etc.

You should also provide an alternate number to your tour operator or hotel receptionist to contact your family, whenever something bad might happen to you. You must also provide an alternate contact number to your family members as well so that they can contact you in case of any emergency. You need to ensure a complete insurance for all of your tour activities, because if something ever happens while you are doing your Safari tour activity, you would have insurance. Leave a copy of all of the important credentials and documents related to your migration to your most trusted family member.

When you are already in the Safari tour, always remember to follow your guide and do what he says because he knows exactly the place. Try all local food, local outfit, and the local drinks. Do not worry if it looks disgusting. These would give you a nice feeling, and it will also make your tour a memorable one. One of the most important rules that you need to remember is to avoid being overly friendly with the wild animals. Remember, that it is not tamed and can harm you. So follow all of these because this is very important for your own safety. Lastly, always be little careful and responsible and enjoy your Safari Tour.

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The Mother of All Jeep Tours

The Mother of All Jeep ToursOk, maybe when you think of jeep tours you think of those pink jeep tours in Arizona. There fine, I am not disparaging that kind of tour. But I wanted to experience something more exotic, more remote and I found it when I traveled to Iceland in late fall. I have been craving some adventure and not being particularly athletic; I wanted the kind of adventure that didn’t require heavy lifting or long hikes at high altitude. So, I looked into the tours being offered from Reykjavik and came across a number of tour operators offering super-jeep tours.

First let me say that you may not think that Icelander’s are into off-roading, there you’d be mistaken. There are tons and tons of off-roading to be had in that country. And, the super-jeeps are just that, super – super cool that is. A lot of these four wheel drive trucks are brands that aren’t offered or common in America, like the Nissan Patrol or Land Rover Defenders. These trucks get a glacier trekking outfitting and come out looking like they could tackle just about anything. And, turns out they almost have to.

I booked a trip with a tour operator and chose one of their glacier tours which, obviously, are available all year. On the way to the glacier (don’t ask me t try and spell the name of the glacier) we had to ford two streams. Actually they were more like rivers. These super jeeps all have snorkels just for this purpose, a truck accessory that I have never really given much thought to. That could be because I didn’t know what they were for, well now I do. Just in case you don’t know, a snorkel is for crossing streams so that the engine can keep drawing in air for combustion instead of water, which is a no-no.

Then we got to the glacier and we had to stop to lower the tire pressure in the massive tires on our tour jeep. For glacier tours, the jeeps, in my case Land Rover Defenders, can only hold 5 people for weight considerations and you must deflate the tires a little bit. Anyways, once this was complete we headed out onto the glacier and after a few minutes were surrounded by white and sometimes the blue-green ice common in glaciers. It was spectacular. Our driver was very experienced and the jeep certainly up to the task with GPS and others gadgetry. This wasn’t just your 5 mph jeep tour, like we were at Disneyland or something. No, our driver took chances and went over steep ridges and over some small jumps. It was thrilling, beautiful and surreal.

Then about half way through the tour we stopped for a light lunch. We had some Icelandic goodies and then some beer and schnapps (not the driver). The driver created a table and benches out of snow and we sat there eating and drinking somewhere on a huge glacier on this tiny island nation just below the Arctic Circle – what an adventure.

I went seeking adventure and I got it. But I also found beauty and some of the most exotic and surreal scenery I have ever witnessed. If you are into adventures, you have to try this someday.

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The Best Car Travel Games

The Best Car Travel GamesCar travel games are a tradition wherever families take vacations or long trips by automobile. Long drives are always more tolerable with some diversion or entertainment, and reading might not be the best choice, at least for the driver. Why not try some games that everyone in the car can play?

“Blue Car” Travel Games

These are travel classics. Each person guesses how many blue cars will pass in the next ten miles or ten minutes. Of course it can be red cars, or trucks, or whatever everyone agrees to. By the way, it’s considered bad form for the driver to slow down, letting more cars pass, so his guess will be the closest.

Another classic travel game involves the alphabet. Everyone tries to spot something starting with an “a”, and be the first to call it out (“apple tree!”). Since the Qs and Xes are difficult, they can be skipped. The person with the most “firsts,” is the winner.

Educational Travel Games

These are car games that get you thinking, learning something, or at least showing off what you know. In one game, the driver, or another designated host, asks questions like “At what temperature does water boil?” or “What is the Capital of Columbia?” or “If sales tax is 7.6%, what’s the total cost of a sweater priced at $22?”  If you want the kids to love this one, pay twenty-five cents for each right answer.

In another car travel game, someone looks out the window and randomly selects an object. Everyone in the car then tries to imagine a creative way to make money with it. Overpasses become places to advertise, cows are rented out, and a truck becomes a traveling discotheque.

Other Car Travel Games

Turn on the radio and you can have a game in which everyone tries to be the first to call out the name of the artist when a song starts. You can change the station, so you don’t have to wait through a whole song to continue the contest.

In another car radio game, each person in the car chooses a word. Then you turn on the radio. The person whose word is spoken (or sung) first on the radio is the winner.

Finally, have one person in the car start a story with a sentence or two. Each person in turn adds a line to the story. This can get personal, but usually creates a story that has everyone laughing.

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Beach Jeep Tours Show the Beauty of the Outer Banks

Beach Jeep Tours Show the Beauty of the Outer BanksRenting a Jeep to explore the Outer Banks allows visitors to see parts of the coastal area of North Carolina that otherwise might not be visited on foot. As the Outer Banks is situates far on the Eastern seaboard of the United States, there are a number of parts unable to be developed. However, these natural preserves are home to North Carolina’s enchanting wildlife – graceful, long-necked birds, colorful sea creatures, and the wild horses that have roamed in packs for centuries along the shores.

A Jeep rental allows visitors to traverse the rugged and compromising terrain surrounding the marshes and estuaries of the Outer Banks. Rental companies, too, provide maps and guides so the vehicles do not disturb the ecosystem. To keep the environment clean and safe for future visitors, most tour companies schedule rentals for certain times of the day so the beach is not overrun with vehicles. Sunset tours are especially popular as sightseers are granted a different view of the Outer Banks, when nocturnal animals like ghost crabs and foxes come out into the night to feed.

If you are considering a Jeep tour of the Outer Banks as part of your vacation, please remember that some companies may only operate during season, which usually starts in May and runs through late summer. Always check ahead with any company in advance and make a reservation. Pricing may vary according to the time of year. As these tours are a popular attraction, Jeeps may be booked rather quickly.

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